I'm such an idiot for doing this...

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  • regular lead/acid batteries have been working fine for the last million years....

    Anyone that thinks paying almost $300 for a fancy new fangled battery that only lasts the same amount of time as a regular acid battery has more money than brains....

    There is no advantage to an optima battery except the hassle of maintaining it should it dip below about 9.5 volts. You need a special charger. And an extra 12 volt battery.

    I bought one blindly thinking this was going to be the wave of the future....never again will I waste any of my hard earned money on one again....everyone is free to chose the battery they want to pay for. Mine was dead right before the 3 year warranty ended....oh I got a new one shipped from amazon...to replace it. But for $280.... I could have bought 3 regular batteries that would last 15 years...how old will your SS be in 15 years? And you need to spend another $100 for a special charger...so you could have bought 4 lead acid batteries...

  • Is it car battery size or motorcycle size? Our motor is twice the size of a Harley motor because they use them in cars....so why wouldn’t you want a car battery in your SS....if I bought an SS with the motorcycle size battery that’s the first mod I would make.... a car battery..

    I just stuck a Champion battery from PEP Boys, group 26. 3 year warranty and lots of PEP Boys around if any issues. Cheap and easy.

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  • Pep Boys offers a Bosch AGM battery Group 34 that appears identical to the AGM battery Rural King offers. PB's usual price is around $200, but I've seen it on sale for as low as $140 or so.

  • Quick update: I came home today and I saw battery shows solid green!! Hooked up the battery real quick, put the panel back on, and IT STARTED RIGHT UP!

    I checked the voltage of the battery before I hooked it up, and it was reading 12.9, but after starting it up and drove it around for a good half hour, I checked the neutrino box and it's pulling 13.6. I can't believe that worked, charging from 10.5V to 12.9 in about 48 hours..

    Now, I learned my lesson!

    But then again, it's all worth it in the end. :D

  • When you do a normal charge @ 2 amps it can take 16 to 20+ hours to fully charge a battery.

  • ahhh i gotcha! if that's the case, mine is probably charging at 1 amps, hence the name of battery jr :P

    The Tender Jr does a pretty good job. I’ve used one on my bikes for the last 15 years. But, you don’t have to charge it to 12+ volts. Charge the batter up to over 10.5 and it should start. Then take it out for a ride. The alternator/regulator should charge the batter up over 12v in a short time.

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    I assume you're wondering about the dimensions?
    Here's a link to JEGS battery dimension chart - BCI Battery Group Size Chart. I'm not sure how firmly defined the dimensions shown are as different brands seem to have minor variations. The battery you linked to is a Group 34/78.
    Group Metric Inches
    L W H L W H

    34 260 173 200 10 1/4 6 13/16 7 7/8
    34R 260 173 200 10 1/4 6 13/16 7 7/8

    78 260 179 196 10 1/4 7 1/16 7 11/16

    As an example, Rural King lists both their group 34 and Group 78 AGM batteries as

    10 3/16" L x 7 1/16" W x 7 1/8" H .