Rear cigarette outlet

  • I am not sure which fuse controls the rear power outlet
    I had an amp installed in the rear and I think they cut my power outlet for power
    I now installed my stinger top and when I plugged it into the lights on the top
    I do not want to take the top off
    Can you get to the power socket by just removing the rear black plastic by tire?
    If they did I think I'll run a new wire to my fuse block under the hood
    Any ideas? :thumbsup:

  • I assume you have a secondary fuse block since the main Slingshot fuse block is full.
    Fuse size is determined by adding the Watts each light uses and dividing by 13.8 (the typical voltage supplied when the engine is powering the alternator and then rounding up to the next sized fuse. As a theoretical example, figure 2 x 10W bulbs and 32W for the LED bar light, meaning 52W total, divided by 13.8V equals 3.8 Amps, so you'd need a 5A fuse in this example.

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