New Owners Important Slingshot Infomation

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  • @samowens44 your work & videos have been very helpful to me as I have made my decision to purchase a 2019 slingshot.
    Hope that you will continue to update your helpful info for those of us with newer models!
    Thanks again!!

    Congratulations on your new Slingshot purchase, I am happy I helped some way in leading to this decision. Thanks for your words of support for my information and video. I have the 2017 model, so I will be at a disadvantage for the new models coming out. I feel the new models will have difference, but most of the basic Slingshot will be in all models. Sometime there will be changes in areas of Lifting the Slingshot, tire Pressure, Entertainment system. You should always read your owners manual for your year and model. When you see information on the internet, check the year the information is about. my information is for the 2017 year and the Midnight Cherry SL LE. I do have video about the 2015 model in some of my videos, the Sunset Red SL Slingshot you will see on my Youtube Channel. As I find Information that is important to a new Year, I will try to point that out.

  • The Battery for the Polaris Slingshot is located underneath the Driver side Storage Rear area. It would be good to know how to gain access to the the battery to perform maintenance. My video will guide you with this task. The battery has the important task to start your engine. A loose or dirty terminal will lead to a no start condition and a periodic check will keep you starting with no difficulty. The 2015 years had a full size battery that had to have water level checks and add occasionally. I believe the newer models have a smaller size battery that is maintenance free. The terminals need to be checked for tightness and free of corrosion. If you are not familiar with working around auto batteries and using tools on the terminals, seek someone knowledgeable to help guide you with the safety needed for this task.
    Another part of Battery knowledge is the charge of the battery and how you can tell when the battery is getting weak on it's ability to store a full charge. The chart I show below will show the different voltage levels of the degrees of charge on your battery. I am also posting a Battery Voltage Indicator that will be helpful to check the condition of the battery. In the morning after sitting all night with no power drain, the battery voltage should be close to 12.8 volts for a fully charged good battery. As the battery ages, this charge level will start decreasing. When you check the battery and the voltage reaches 12.3 volts, you are in the market for a new battery. A battery should perform for 3 to 4 years before this condition is reached. Sometimes there is a trouble with power drain from a circuit in the system that will draw the battery down. This can be determined at the fuse location. You will have to isolate which system is presenting the currant drain. This is sometime difficult to find and requires a good understanding of basic electricity.

    I have other video on my youtube channel that will show removing and cleaning the terminals.

  • Since you are talking batteries @samowens44. The 2015 SS came with a Group 26 battery (Lead Acid with around 550 CCA) I think it was 8 inches long ( I forget the rest of the dim.) Now you can install the Optima Group 25 AGM (720 CCA) and one inch longer at 9 inches. Then if you really need the capacity for those lights and the Audio System ( I would have to look up the CCA) you can go to the Optima Group 34 AGM which is another one inch longer at ten inches. If you are running a rear exhaust system you need to check the clearance if you use the Group 34 battery because you do not want the battery TOO CLOSE to the exhaust pipe. Also for the later models you will need to buy the custom bolt down (adapter) tray for these larger batteries. RIDE SAFE AND WATCH OUT FOR THE OTHER DRIVER

  • Since you are talking batteries @samowens44. The 2015 SS came with a Group 26 battery (Lead Acid with around 550 CCA) I think it was 8 inches long ( I forget the rest of the dim.) Now you can install the Optima Group 25 AGM (720 CCA) and one inch longer at 9 inches. Then if you really need the capacity for those lights and the Audio System ( I would have to look up the CCA) you can go to the Optima Group 34 AGM which is another one inch longer at ten inches. If you are running a rear exhaust system you need to check the clearance if you use the Group 34 battery because you do not want the battery TOO CLOSE to the exhaust pipe. Also for the later models you will need to buy the custom bolt down (adapter) tray for these larger batteries. RIDE SAFE AND WATCH OUT FOR THE OTHER DRIVER

    Thanks for that input for information about the upgrade to Optima Group Battery. I do have a video on how to install the new Mounting plate that will be needed. It is on my youtube channel. As Funcycle has mentioned, size is very important for the battery location and Mounting Plate.

  • This is important for your safety and you need to understand how your Slingshot will behave while driving in the rain. The Slingshot is less stable than a 4 wheel vehicle and this make driving in the rain even more of a less safe condition. Polaris has given you the best Electronic Stability Program for keeping your Slingshot moving safely in the direction you are steering. There are steering sensors that have input into the braking system and acceleration parts of the engine. The system is monitoring several aspects of your driving, steering direction, wheel speed, and traction. When the system takes control to keep you safe, you do not know or feel it is doing all this. This system will protect you on good dry conditions, but when you get into wet roads, or even worse, standing water in the road, the system is not fully able to read these conditions and can not give the designed protection. Also it will not protect you when driving unsafely, speeding, erratic turns. Example racing. It will not protect you under Hydroplaning conditions. That is when you encounter a standing pool of water in the road and hit it at highway speeds. The best defense against Hydroplaning is reduce your speed when on road conditions with water and puddles of water. Mist on the road is also very dangerous for the Three Wheel Slingshot. Slow Down or elect not to drive when road is wet.
    Here is what you should do to get through the condition as safely as you can. When you see a large pool of water in the road ahead, you should start your braking and slow down in a safe rate. Let off the brake before you hit the standing water. Speed is the big factor of when you hydroplane. Slower speeds it will not happen. Hopefully it is not in a curve, in a straight road, hold the steering wheel firmly and keep it in the direction you are going and be ready when the tire come back in contact with the road. You will feel the condition of hydroplaning as a skimming feeling, then when the tires grab the road again, you want the tire straight in the direction traveling. If you try to steer any other direction, it may throw you in a skid when the tires grab as you try to travel in the new direction. You have no real control when you are hydroplaning. Your best defense is take the actions to slow down before hitting the standing water. Always slow down when the road is wet or road conditions are not the best conditions. This is like trowing a rock across water and seeing it skip up and down, that is the effect.

    I will post a link to some of our Experience Members discussing the subject of Hydroplaning. New Owners, you should operate you Slingshot within the Safety systems operating at their top performance. There is a Warning under the ESP section telling you the System will not fully protect you when you experience Hydroplaning conditions. Speed is the main factor that contributes to this condition. Just slow down to 35 mph or lower, 45 and above could present problems. In the discussion I attach, there is talk of turning off the ESP system when driving in Rain conditions. As a new owner, I suggest you operate withing the safety limits of your slingshot and not turn off the ESP or Traction Control. That switch on the console under the Start button, the one below the Mode button. You will be fine if you avoid driving in the wet road conditions or slow down if caught in the conditions.

    Hydroplaning Thread Discussion of Members

  • As you become familiar with your Slingshot and learn most of the things we have brought your attentions to on this thread, I have something now that will save you $40. Your Gas Cap, that is about how much it cost. Here is my video on Fueling the Slingshot and Cap Cap Security. I am also putting my updated Gas Cap Security here with a slight change. Also, you should use 93 octane or greater fuel.

  • Headlight 101 for the Slingshot. The standard US headlight setup is two outboard HL and two Center HL. The way they work is different than you may be used to on a car or other vehicle. In Low Beam all 4 HL are on low. When you pull up on the turn signal lever you switch to high beam operation. Now here is where things are different. The two center HD are your bright beams. The way they make the High Beam is with a deflector operator. You will hear a click at the center HL and that is the deflector operating to focus more light out for high beam operation. There is a electrical connector at the bottom of each center HL.
    Now the Canadian HL system is different set up all together. There are no Center HL. They have the two outboard HL on each side. The inboard Light is your High beam operation and it has a second light lead for high beam and low beam. That is why there is a three wire plug waiting for the Canadian setup if you want to add it to the US setup. Here is my video on the subject. It is more fun when you understand more about your Slingshot.

    Now for the folks that want to add the Canadian Style Headlight Assembly, here is a video for the 2017 model. Check for proper model assemble, they make changes from year to year.

    Now for the folks that want to upgrade to LED HL, here is the video on how to do it.

    This may be the one of the first things to do, lights are good.

  • Now we are at a point where you need to know how much stuff can you add to the Slingshot in the way of Cargo. You are part of that cargo, oh yes, I have the total weight you can add to the Slingshot outlined in red. It is called the Maximum Load Capacity. 457 LBS. That means, your weight, your passenger and accessories, luggage carriers, your cargo of all kinds. Notice they even have the way to distribute it on the axles. Now this is something all vehicles have and no one looks at. You should at least know so you can stay within reason of the figures. Notice, the storage compartments are few and small.

    As you add accessories, check the weight and keep an idea of how much you are adding. The stability of the Slingshot is important for this understanding also. Knowledge is your best friend.

    I have only shown a small portion of the General Specifications, you should look at them all to know your Slingshot, how long, low and all the figures to help with operation at the best level.

  • I once got a message asking, "Sam, What is the Black Button under the Engine Start button", I am afraid to press it. Folks, I am sure when folks go to the dealer, they are excited and can not hear all that is being said by the sales person with detail. I doubt a lot will say a lot about this button. It is a very helpful feature for the enhancement of enjoying your Slingshot. It is called the Mode Button. Now some folks get this confused with the mode button on the entertainment system. That is not the button I will discuss here. We are talking the black button on the console under the Start Button. This button is discussed in detail as part of the Owners Manual. I encourage you to read it all the way through. It is well written and really a good read.

    Here is my video description of the operation of the Mode Button.

    Here is an addition that will explain how to change KM to Miles or Celsius to Fahrenheit and other changes.

  • Some folks don't have covered parking for their Slingshot. You may have to leave the Slingshot out under the stars and unprotected from all the things that can fall into or onto your Slingshot. A full Cover is the answer, and I am talking the fitted trailer style cover, around $500. This is the cover I have and I use it when I trailer my Slingshot. There are several light duty dust covers, but, I would go for the the one I have showing in my video. Now, here is the main subject for producing the video. If you have needs to cover the slingshot often, you need away to cover and uncovering easy. This video will help you with that procedure. I also show how to prepare the cover for trailering. I will cover Trailer options for the Slingshot later. Showtime!!!!

    Using my methods of securing the cover onto your Slingshot as shown in this video will insure your cover stays attached all the way to Oregon and Back to Florida or wherever. Here is a view of the cover as I tow behind my RV. We are almost to our destination, Buxton, Or Stub Stewart State Park. Stayed on all the way. I am providing travel video for different aspects of traveling.

  • As a new Owner and you start thinking of traveling with your Slingshot, a trailer may come to mind. Now your first thought about the subject, what kind of trailer is best for the job. The shape of the Slingshot is different and a wheel in the middle. You may even think a tow dolly, a enclosed trailer, an open trailer, which type to chose. Cost is going to be a factor if you are stretched for funds. I will tell you my experience with selecting my trailer. I have an open trailer that is a style used by Lawn Service folks. I wanted a trailer I could walk around and quickly attach the tie down straps and have quick access to all elements on the trailer. I felt a enclosed trailer was too much cost for me and access for tie down was difficult when pulling the Slingshot straight into the trailer. There are now trailers on the market with access doors at the locations of the front wheels and a drivers entry door. These trailers are costly and I want a low budget model. The open Trailer.
    I have Race Ramps that I have a locking storage area in the front of trailer. We use these to give the clearance for loading the Slingshot. There are taller ramps that fold and you will not need ramps. Do some homework and you will find the right trailer and loading factor for you. Here is my selection for you to get an idea of how I accomplish my trailering options. The owners manual has the tie down locations recommended by Polaris. There are over the wheel tie down systems, they are expensive and do not hold the slingshot frame down. Here are a few video to show some of the factors about how I do my loading and unloading procedures.

    I mounted a manual worm gear wench for loading when Slingshot is disabled.

  • I am going to give some help for the folks that want the best trailer they can get and they want an enclosed trailer with all the bells and whistles. The place you want to look is Sling Thing Trailers. I have been to the factory that makes the Trailers and did some video for them about the Slingcave Trailer they produce.

    SlingThing Trailers

    My trailer was purchased from Texas Trailers in Gainesville, Fl. I am very happy with my trailer and it has served me well.
    Good luck on your search for the right trailer for you.

  • One of the first things a New Slingshot Owner has to deal with is Insurance. Now here is something you need to do some homework on before you buy your Slingshot and don't rush. I have hear folks paying as little as $250 to $2500. In your excitement to get your Slingshot you can make a costly mistake, so get input from other Owners. I have had Geico and now have Progressive Insurance. I think that you will find $300 to $500 a fair range to expect, this depends a lot on a lot of variables about individuals. I am closer to the $500 range for my insurance. Now, Florida is a state that proof of Insurance is not required for the Motorcycle Classification. Some folks drive without insurance, I know some that do. This is not a good idea. I would recommend getting insurance. If you finance our Slingshot, they will not let you out of the Showroom without it so start planning how much you will have to pay!

    Here is an example of what someone posted online.

  • Now that you have had your Slingshot for a few months, you will want to ride with other Slingshots. It is so much fun to join a Slingshot Group and join the many group rides and events that are available. Our Forum Page has an Events Calendar that will give you an opportunity to hook up with other Slingshot Riders. We have a Members User Map Location Page. You may be able to find members that are very close to you, meet and go for a ride. I organize Group Rides for the Northeast Georgia Mountains. There are many national Slingshot Events that are on our Calendar/Events page for you to attend. Come on Join us and enjoy your New Slingshot with others just like you. I am always here to help any new owner get started to find all the fun for your Slingshot. Here is a video I created from a number of our group rides. It is fun to get photos and video of your ride adventure. I will comer cameras soon, come back and take a look.

  • This is for new Owners and I found out that this may be important to mention. I met a new owner and we were exchanging accessories ideas when he saw my charging port on the console at the back just above the cup holders. He saw that I had charger cords going to the area. He thought I had added it. From that I thought there may be others that are unaware of this Charge port as it is hidden. This Charge port is hot all the time, so you can be parked with ignition off and it will have power. Hope this will help someone find a new feature on their Slingshot. Guess I should mention that the two hooks you see are Seat Belt Buckle storage hooks. This is my own idea and not a feature of Polaris.

  • As a new owner get information about accessories, you will want to install them. Lighting options are a big part of some of the items you may want to install. LED Lighting strips have become very popular. Your knowledge of basic electricity will come into play to make the job easier. I want to cover the Ground Term you may have heard. My video will show how Polaris using grounding to make the frame a common point for the Negative Terminal. Now the Positive Terminal of the Battery has a distribution system using fuses relays and circuit breakers. There are several Fuse Blocks that have fuses for the different systems on your Slingshot. The main Fuse Block That handle most of the circuits you will need quick access are located near the fire wall under the hood on the drivers side. There are other Main Distribution Fuses in the Battery Box Location. These Fuse are to protect the battery from a main shorting to ground. If you are going to add electrical circuits to your Slingshot, you will want to add a auxiliary Fuse Block to give more fuse positions. Never hook up any circuit without fuse position. This can be very dangerous and can cause fires. A fuse is a safety device to blow when too much current is flowing. Seek knowledgeable help when installing electrical accessories that you are designing yourself.

    Do not use the Chassis Ground Bolt and do not attempt to loosen it to attach your own ground leads. You could create some real problems that will be difficult to find. Find other places for your ground.

  • New owner here -- '16 SL, pearl black/grey/white. I have many other thoughts I'll share elsewhere but I went with Geico for insurance and for very similar, if not exact, coverage as the All State info sheet for just a tad over $200/year. Chalk it up to being an ancient anal emission with a clean driving record!

  • New owner here -- '16 SL, pearl black/grey/white. I have many other thoughts I'll share elsewhere but I went with Geico for insurance and for very similar, if not exact, coverage as the All State info sheet for just a tad over $200/year. Chalk it up to being an ancient anal emission with a clean driving record!

    Thanks for sharing dalancroft . Driving record and multi-vehicle policies will affect your cost for sure. Sometimes you can even negotiate with the agent about how much you pay, tell the agent that you have talked to others that pay less than your quote you get. Most times, they will say, l"et me look at it again". I must admit that I am paying higher because I have some minor issues on my driving record. I am at that magic 5 year point for occurrence and I am going to negotiate some new rates, closer to the $200 rates I am hearing of others. I must add, Buying a new Slingshot verses a used model may affect the rates as I found out when I traded my 2015 SL model in on a 2017 SL LE. My rates went up and they said it was because it was a newer model. Just keep in mind, you should not have to pay more than $500 range at the very most with your personal profile. I hope someone will own up to paying over $1000 or 2000 like I have hear from some new owners. Tell the agent to come over hear and view our thread.