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  • Hmmmm, and I've been lifting mine wrong all this time. Guess that voided my warranty!! My frame is probably warped now. I'm sure it's ruined the resale value too so I guess the only thing for me to do is to ride my money's worth out of it.

    If you have a 2 post lift in the garage the above will work and is correct. HANDS, how many have the 2 post lift with 4 lift pads to raise their Slingshot. Not too many going up. I’m poor so I use the ramps and a motorcycle jack for the rear.

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  • Don't be confused @War Hoop. What Scrappy-doo posted was from the service manual. If you had a 2 post lift that is how they recommend lifting it.

    I was never into recommendations so lift with my floor jack and if needed I also have jack stands. Guy at discount tire used a floor jack and used the swing arm as the jack point. I made him get down and look to make sure he didn't scratch my paint.

  • Hmmmm, and I've been lifting mine wrong all this time. Guess that voided my warranty!! My frame is probably warped now. I'm sure it's ruined the resale value too so I guess the only thing for me to do is to ride my money's worth out of it.

    Ride it fast enough to strip all that pretty paint off.

  • I’m going to try and explain this. Depends on how you’re lifting.

    Using a car jack you would use the 4 outside corners. Normally you would only use one jack at a time. Like for changing a tire.

    Using a lift you use the 4 inside front and rear points.

    Is that for a more even weight distribution? Motor and tranny being in the center, so most of the weight is centered as well when lifting.

    With the quick lift system I’m Using the outside rails (4 corners)

  • 3 different publications w/ 3 different recommended lifting points. That purty much explains everything. Now @Ghost won't have to junk his ride out. Whew that was a close one.

    What I don't understand is why Polaris has not made any effort to provide updated info to earlier customers, unless it doesn't really matter which location is used to lift the Slingshot.
    I've been using the lift points identified in my 2015 Owner's manual and will continue to do so until Polaris informs me otherwise. It just bugs me that there are 3 different pubs out there with conflicting info. You'd think the newer Service Manuals, especially those labeled as applying to multiple years, would specify to not use the older lift points if it makes any significant difference.

  • Where did you read that Polaris designed different lift points for lifts versus floorjacks? I read all 3 resources available to me me (see the PDF I attached above) and find no such distinction.

    The question is...did they change the frame from year to year?

    As the previous reply states, yes, the frame has seen some redesign. If that redesign has affected the lift points, Polaris should have specified exactly how each model year should be lifted and we shouldn't be facing conflicting info for the same model years.
    Looking again at the PDF file I posted, the lift points from the 2015 Service manual and the 2015 Owner's Manual are the same*, while the lift points shown in the 2015-17 Service manual are indeed different as is the frame shown in the 2015-17 Service Manual. Unless Polaris issues a correction, this tells me the 2015 model (and presumably any models whose frame matches the 2015 style) can be lifted using the lift points shown in the 2015 manuals, but later models with the new frame changes should be lifted via the new lift points. Since Polaris has NOT issued any corrections (at least as far as I am aware), it may be safe to lift any 2015-17 Slingshots using the lift points shown in the 2015-17 Service manual.
    * I had originally thought the 2015 Service manual showed slightly different locations for the lift points compared to the 2015 Owner's Manual, but closer inspection shows them to look to be the same.
    FWIW, I now believe I have been using the wrong lift points for the front end as I have been placing my floorjack so it is positioned under the rear A-arm mounting point on the outer frame rail and the pictures actually show the lift point under the inner frame arm just a little forward of where the A-arm attaches to the outer rail.

    YouTube has DIY videos on building wooden platforms to serve as jackstands. The advantage of DIY units is you can make them whatever height or footprint you desire. I made some that can be placed under the tires or can be placed under the frame rails, as needed. I also made some ramps, but I usually use a floorjack to lift each corner and then use the wooden platforms or jackstands, depending on what I'm doing. At least one owner reportedly had the ramp get propelled from underneath the rear tire if it can move on the pavement underneath it.
    Update - I replaced the original PDF file to include bsic info on both DIY wooden ramps and wheel blocks/platforms. Check YouTube for similar items.

  • Hell, if you're just looking to get the Sling high enough to put a floor jack under it....why not just cut a couple 2" x 6" boards 12" long. I did this with my skill saw. Then put the saw at 45 degrees and cut an approach angle on one end of each board. Super cheap, super easy to make and so simple to use. Just lay them in front of your front tires, and drive up onto them. Then your floor jack can be placed any where you want to use it under the front.
    Once I had the front up high enough with the floor jack, I threw a set of jack stands under each side of the front, and used the floor jack under the angle drive case to jack the rear end up.
    If you have a low profile floor jack, it makes it even easier to get the Sling up in the air.

    I have a standard floor jack, not a special low one, and if I turn the wheels all the way to the left and bring the jack in from behind the right wheel (or turn right and come in behind the driver side wheel) I have no problem getting the jack under the lift point - no need for ramps or to drive up on boards

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  • You can lift from either the center or outer rails... you won't damage anything (I've been raising the sling both ways for a couple of years and have no issues to report).

    Just a word of warning though... if you do use jack stands down the center rails, be careful ~> because the sling can rock back and forth rather easily.