Lets see those dogs!!! And cats or whatever pets you have

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  • I understand what you went through. My springer, Winston, had over 11 tumors taken out at one time and luckily they were all benign lipomas (fatty tissue tumors) Dogs don't metabolize anesthesia well so they are really groggy for quite awhile. He was pretty funny trying to get him home. A 68 pound dog that was pretty much a limp noodle is hard to carry. Glad your boy is ok.

  • they are just like our children aren’t they! Get well soon !

  • That's good news Robert. Lincoln needs to hang out with Lewis and the rest of the gang to keep you out of Allison's way.

  • I need to get over this one. I saw these cuties and it was killing me to not take one home. Raising a puppy and going to slingshot events, family travels and a few cruises doesn't seem fair to one right now. But he's going to be on my mind for a while I'm sure

    I have to keep telling myself that they will get bigger before too long

  • This most adorable guy ate part of my leather skull cap.and I’m not very happy.

    I went to a Harley shop to buy a replacement and the lady said she can’t get leather ones. So I searched the internet and I can’t find one like this anywhere. Now the chewed up portion is about 1”x6” and it’s nowhere to be seen so I’m guessing he swallowed it.

  • Glad your little buddy is OK
    I know how devastating it can be when your pet is sick.

  • @Bigdog, looks like he chose you to be his Human. Bet he would be loving and loyal to you and your family if you have the room AND the lap to give him a loving home.

    They know and appreciate it beyond measure when you take them in and give them a home. Probably got dumped by his previous owner, poor guy. You can tell by the picture where he is looking at you that he already adores you!!

    That is kind of how I wound up with my little ginger kitty, named her Skitty. Slept on my deck for three years before she decided I was worthy to be her Human. Best little girl I have ever had!

    If you get hit, it's because you were there.