LED Light Trim Options

  • Members, I installed a LED Splitter under the front spoiler of Snazzy. All looked great until I damaged a few of the LED's when I came into contact with an object that I pulled up too close to. Well I found a solution to my replacement needs. I just wanted to peel off the damaged LED Strip and install a new one.
    Check this company out, they have all the LED options you could want. I am giving a link to the Super Thin LED Strips I got. They were 35 In and all I needed was 28 inch. You can cut the strip at cut points every 15 LEDS apart. They come with connection wires at both ends, so you could connect together for long runs. Just sharing an idea if you are looking at LED lighting.
    Susan will help you with any questions you may have, great folks to deal with.

    These are the LED's I ordered that you see mounted below.

    Buy Super Thin Ribbon LED Light Strips Online | Oznium

    Take a look at Snazzy and the bright LED's She has. The Full Canadian Headlights with LED help a lot for me to be seen.

  • Looks great. How is the adhesive on the strips. Does it stick well?

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    I cleaned the area well and the peel and stick worked great. Very thin so not a lot of stickum to work with, so clean well and have not seen it lift up. On the underneath area at the wire connections, I did use some Clear Silicone Glue to hold the wires down.

  • It is hard to see the detail of how the Super Thin LED Strips mount on the LED Splitter Form from Slingshotsonly. As you can see the original LEDs were almost twice the size, with less than the brightness of my new Super Thin LED Strips. I am happy that I was able to get 35 in strips and cut them down about 6 inches, 15 LEDs. That is your cut points. Cost as you see in website link is $20 each strip.

  • Yes, I have a video on how to install the LED Splitters. In the video I describe how to attach the hardware to pull the ends up and I say that I opted not to install, did not want to drill holes in Spoiler. Bad mistake, I found the end will hang down and catch on my wheel chokes on trailer. Install them! I have them installed now. You do loose a small amount of clearance with the addition of the Splitters, but just be aware and be careful.