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  • A section for the European owners of this wonderful machine.

    Let's see pictures of your SlingShots and the reaction that they are from.

    Should anyone want to make contact with other European riders or if events are taking place, this is the thread for you.

    If people are coming to Europe, from further afield, such as North America and want to make contact with others, in Europe, please also feel free to comment or ask questions.

    With an American population, only, 0.64% of that in Europe. It would be hoped that sales of this magnificent machine would be much higher. However it looks like Polaris have not capitalised, on this massive market and we are left with only a few SlingShots this side of the water.

    So let's keep in touch.

    All the best, from UK_Paul

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  • I'll start things off, with the "UK_PAUL SLINGSHOT."

    A red, 16.5 SS.

    Some work on the engine, with a revised intake & exhaust system.

    Further detailing, has also been done.

    This example lives in England, about 15 miles (20k) from the Welsh border. It would appear to be one, of only 6-8, on the road, in this Britain & Ireland.

    All the best, from UK_Paul

  • we may have our first European SlingShot event, next year.

    This is at Aix le Bains, in France...

    It just happens to be the location, where Polaris Aixam is located.
    - AIXAM - Leader in quadricycles in France and in Europe -
    Polaris owns Aixam (unless PSA have now acquired them).
    - Aixam license-free cars -

    So what's the place like?

    I used to work, with a company that was located about 15 mins away. This area of France is very beautiful and not too far from Geneva, Switzerland.

    Six, is a spar town, with both tourists & some industrial areas, making it an interesting place to be. It will be ideal for a meeting, like this and should work well, if European SS riders can make it to the venue.

    I will keep you in touch, with things, if they developed.

    Let's all hope Polaris follow this and then do something constructive with it.

    All the best, from UK_Paul

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  • @KayTwo and @exharleyrider ... if we do this roadtrip we'll have to go via north pole - I've got heated seats but we're going to need more neck gators

    Even with heated seats and extra neck gaiters don't think I am going to be able to make it. Well maybe if I put a roof on.

    Wrench day at @Ross place to wire the Slings up for the heated suits. Then we'll make it. Game on.