How to check Hood Latches All Release Properly

  • Some folks have issues with hood not opening when they depress the hood release lever. Here is a check you can do to see if all latches are releasing at the same time. The most ideal situation. Cable adjustment will take care of issue where a latch does not meet this. All cables are adjusted at the two front latches. You do not have to remove the hood. I was installing the Extended Range Hood Hinges and this is a good time to do Latch check and Hood alignment. Now go out and check you latches. They should all snap at the same time. Good Luck!

    One other tip that is important to note with the Latch Cable and the connector that attaches to the latch lever. It goes into a hole and if the cable has too much slack the connector can bind in a cocked position. This will make the latches not release. You can look under the hood at the wheel and see the front latches and check for this if the hood does not open.

    Here is the area you are looking at for the binding. See how easy it will bind with the hood open and just move the cable a little like you are going to remove it.

  • Here is a layout of the Front Drivers Side Latch and everything you would need to know to understand the latching system and the adjustments of the cable. Understanding will lead to solving the issues you may have. My job is to help with that.