Why the Slingshot Hood Fail to latch

  • New Owners, this is a subject that will come to light the first time to attempt to open the Hood. Now the salesman most likely did not have a problem in this procedure as he knows how to close the hood, and will show you that you should check each corner of the back of the hood to be sure it is latched. If not, he will show you to just push at the corner and it will most times click shut. This is a problem that has had many discussions on all the forums. I have spent a lot of time videoing the Latching system from all angles and yes even under the hood and in slow motion. I show you how and why the Hood fails to close sometimes. It boils down to adjustments, latch failures, and closing pressure from dropping the hood. Grease on the Striker and Latch can help overcome a lot of latch issues for a better closing success.
    I show the procedure to adjust the hood for proper striker and latch alignment. You will find the front latches are adjustable and the rear latches are not. Alignment of the hood is necessary for the rear latches to align and the front latches can be adjusted to meet this requirement. You will find that I have discovered that not all latches have the same latching qualities with my latch test. Folks, I don't just tell you about all this, I show you with video.

    Here are all my video on subject of Slingshot Hood Latching System: Note, Hood Opening is an issue that can also happen with stock Hood Hinge, but will not stay open when you slow up as with the Extended Range Hood Hinge.

  • Saw your video on installing the Twist Dynamics (formerly MadStad) extended range hood hinges. Made it a easy job.
    Just wanted to add that I used a pair of forceps from Harbor Freight to hold the jam nut underneath the top coilover mount when trying to get the gas cylinder ball mount threaded into the jam nut for tightening. I've used forceps to hold small screws and parts in tight locations when working on computers for 20+ years.

  • When you push on the hood release lever...you should hear one latch snap open...all four should snap at the same time...if you’re hearing multiple snaps...you need to adjust them....it’s a pain, big you can do it yourself...

    Tell the dealer the hood cracked because it keeps popping open...

  • truthfully, if I remember correctly you want to hear the rear latches then the front ..... almost simultaneously but not quite - a few threads and videos on the topic but given the damage I think you start with the dealer to make repairs or replace and to properly adjust the hood latches