Drive Belt Tension and Alignment Adjustment Procedures

  • I have posted video procedures for checking proper Drive Belt Tension and Drive Belt Alignment. Now you need to know how to perform the necessary Adjustments to achieve the proper adjustments of each of these critical requirements for the Drive Belt to perform at it peak. The Adjustment are not really hard, it you just need the tool and the help in understanding the adjustments. Here are some key facts to understand about the adjustments and what is needed to change them.
    First, the tension is the tightness of the belt between the front pulley and the rear pulley. The rear pulley is fixed in its position and will not move forward or back. It does have adjustments left and right. Will explain later. The front pulley is part of the L Drive Assembly, it is mounted on a slotted base that is designed to slide forward and back to adjust the belt tension. Remember, you need to have some torque on the mounting bolts to hold the adjustments for tightening. To loosen the belt you need to back off the mounting bolts and the Drive Pivot Bolt to move the L Drive back. To loosen the belt you will need to loosen the adjustment screw. Once you have the understanding of the design of adjustments it will be easier to make the adjustment.
    The Belt Alignment has a 22 MM Hex Adjustment Screw that is located behind the Battery Box Area. This will allow the necessary belt alignment of 1/16 clearance at the inboard area of the rear drive pulley. It is very important to have a torque wrench and set the Pivot Bolt to 195 ft lbs.
    Watch the videos and I think you will see and understand what is needed for these adjustments. They are not hard to achieve. Safety is very important and understanding how to lift the rear of the Slingshot and properly secure the wheel chokes is very important. You do not have to lift the rear wheel more than an inch. You need to be able to spin the wheel on both adjustment. Do not lift from the frame, the belt will be loose in this position, but do not make adjustments from this condition. I am always available for questions or even more explanation if needed.
    Remember, if your vehicle is in warranty and you can take the time to take it in, let them do it. For folks that like to do their own work, this is for you and if you have the base knowledge of tools and safety. The main thing you will achieve from watching these videos is to broaden your knowledge of you Slingshot and what makes it go. You will also know when something is not right. Good luck!

  • Hey Sam,

    Thanks for another great video. I am still not sure if I will perform my own work or not, but I still watch your videos so I know what should occur if I take to the dealer and I have understanding what they are doing. Knowledge is really a great thing to have.

    I know you have a video on place the SS on ramps but could you make one regarding buying a jack and lifting the SS with the jack. I have zero knowledge here. Also, have you ever thought of using a suction oil machine to change oil.

  • I'm going to loosen mine up a bit this morning after an angle drive replacement. I have done this once and have the service manual but it sure is nice to get a video tutorial to clarify the steps and process. Thanks Sam!

    In my defense, I was left unsupervised.