Good Price for SLR?

  • Just curious what others are getting. Been to a few places and most don't seem to deal. One place quoted me $30K out the door, tax, title docs included. Wasn't happy with $1000 freight charge but they did discount $2K.

  • I thought it was strange how in the car business shipping is included in the MSRP but not in the cycle world. I could not get much of a discount out of my dealer. I think to get a decent discount you need to go to a market where they sell many of them a month, not just 10 a year. My guess Florida, Arizona would be good places.

    just a guess.

    the 2019 are coming so I am suspect rebates will be coming. However, I find it confusing how in the past the rebate of 3000 was on the cheapest model and the most expensive model had the smallest rebate.

    My dealer still has two 2017 and only discounting the 2000. Perhaps when the 2019 on here I can deal for 2017 - assuming not much change.

  • The interesting thing...the #3 Slingshot dealer in the country is Nielsen's in Lake Villa, Il (Northern, IL) Deal fair --- no big discounts, but treat you right and Great service dept. I drive 120 miles for an 'oil change'.