Check Drive Belt Tension and Alignment on Slingshot

  • Members, your Drive Belt has a tension adjustment that is easy to check with the proper tool. Proper tension will allow the Drive Belt to deliver max power to the drive pulley and produce the lease unnecessary wear. Sorry to say but a New Slingshot does not always have the proper adjustment. There is another important Drive Belt Adjustment and that is Belt Alignment. This is where the drive belt rides on the drive pulley. It should be very close to the inboard Drive Pulley Lip, without touching. About a 32nd " up to 16th ". I have Drive Belt Tension Adjust How-To Video, for now, this is just to check the tension. Drive Belt Alignment Video is also available on my youtube channel. Slingshots in Warranty should be taken to the dealer for adjustment unless you posses the skills and tools to do it yourself. If when you watch it, you find you do not have the tools or basic skill, you may want to use the dealer services. This is another step in understanding the Slingshot and will help you keep your Slingshot performing at Peek. Check your belt tension.

  • Many of the new Slingshots I've seen have the belt much too tight. I, and many others here, are running it much looser than Polaris calls for. I would about double their recommendation on deflection. I have adjusted my belt to a looser setting of around 1/2 to 5/8ths of an inch, and it has not caused any issues. Belt is quiet, doesn't squeal, never needed lube or major cleaning other than in general. I have not needed to adjust it since I backed it to the looser setting at 4500 miles. Angle drive is quieter, and I've had no failed bearing in the swing arm. Nearly 31,000 miles on it now.

    Good videos Sam.

  • Thank @Goats_Hogs, @airoutlaw posted a video a while back that showed a view of his drive belt as he drove along and it move across the pulley from left edge to the right middle. I was curious as to how a belt adjust to specs would track, here is my video with my belt adjusted to the specs in the book. I will post his Thread for a comparison. I would like someone to video the same view with the belt tension and adjustment you have discussed to see how the belt tracks under drive conditions. I know that Airoutlaw had an issue with the swingarm and had it in the shop. Maybe he will see this thread and comment as to what finally turned out to be the problem.

    My Belt


  • New Owners, and folks under Warranty, you may want to just do the checks and take the Slingshot in and tell them the belt is out of specs and let them handle it. For the folks that want to do the adjustment their self and get familiar with how to do it, I have a video on how to do both adjustments. Just go to my youtube channel like and look for them under Playlist Slingshot How-To I will post soon on a thread all its own for folks to find easily.

  • Sam, I see yours tracks without easing to the right like the other video (which I'd seen). My belt is not going to the edge of the pulley, or it would be shiny there, and show on the belt. Looks like it may be moving a very little bit by the shiny area on the teeth of the pulley, I mean like under a 1/16 if that. But honestly, for my use, I'd rather have less strain on the angle drive and bearings as a trade off for the belt moving or even if it wore faster. I can change a belt easy enough, angle drive or bearings are more difficult.

    I'm not trying to suggest to any member to do it my way. I know it works for me, and is for many of the high horsepower boosted ones also. Sorry Sam, I don't have a good way to video it, and my wife said no to riding on the deck lid to capture it with her phone.... :00008356: