New Members Mark User Map Location

  • I have been watching the User Map for more folks to post their Location and to my surprise, it has not change from 338 members and 17.6 % of our members. I was hoping my thread would give members the knowledge to mark their location. I will ask again, check you user map location by method shown in post above, if it show user has not configured Location, then go through the steps in this video to mark your location. The importance of this that others close to you may want to contact you for a Meet N Ride. You may have a lot of members very close to you.

    People do not want to put their locations down, they forget that all you have to do is Google them by phone number, GPS, address, or by their name. Nothing is secret any more.

  • Also, only registered members can view the user map and see our locations. Guest do not even see the Map button. @rabtech had the foresight to protect us from non members. So Folks, share you location with your friends and get to know who your neighbor is. You may get to go for a ride with him or her. Also, you do not have to place your true house address, just something close to where you are located will do.

  • I got through to someone, they just updated their Location. Now, just want to make other comment about marking your location, you don't have to enter an address on the map at the location edit bar, you can drag the marker to the point you want and it will pick that location as your address. You are still anonymous, but someone within 50 miles could ride with you. Now the rest of our members check your user map profile option and if not updated, you know how to get er done!!!

  • Update on our Stats for the User Map entries. We are getting folks to enter their locations, the numbers have increased in the last few days. We have almost 2000 Members with 350 map locations. If you have not entered your user map location yet, go to your profile and click on user map button and enter something close to your true location if you do not want to post your real location. This will allow members close to reach out and get group rides planned.

    On this thread I have instructions for how to enter your location on the User Map. Find it and follow the instructions. Now!

  • Guest and new members, our User Location Map is being updated slowly. We are now up to 355 our to 2023 Members that have opted to edit their Location Proximity onto our user Map. We are just over 17 %. I think if we improve these figures, we can use the map to find folks that are close to our locations and get group rides and local events. With just this few participants it is not of full value. So, if you are a guest and going to join, you will see the map button and you can click User Map on your profile and update a location you are comfortable with for security. I understand a lot of folks don't want to give true address. It will work if you give a click on the area close to you. Thanks!

  • Folks, our Administrator @rabtech has taken action to improve the map update feature. Him and his other Administrators are working behind the scene to keep our website up to the best it can be. All he ask is that we all behave, keep on thread subjects close as possible. As can be seen by the new Stats for the Map page, it will give a much better show of where our members are located. Now check the map and see all the new Member Map Locations. You may discover you have a number of new folks to meet and greet for a group ride for your locale area. If you find you are not on the map, now is the time to update your profile with your location you feel comfortable marking. You do not have to use your exact address, just close.…sageID=44298#message44298

  • Looks like @rabtech may have put this thread to rest. Now as you update your profile location, the map will also be updated. Most folks only put a city location, so if you want to change the location that the default update did, you can just go to the Map page and place your map location to something closer to where you are located. Again, with can be general that will allow others to know if you are close enough to group ride or meet and greet rides. This is a really great update he has done for us. Now members, we have a great Calendar/Events Page that will allow members to schedule local Group Rides for members. I you see you have 10 members within 50 miles of you or closer, schedule a local group ride for the area, give as much detail as possible, time, location to meet, destination and so forth. Give a clear KSU, kick stand up time. This will mean that they should arrive 15 min early for a drivers meeting.
    Folks, I have schedule such an event on the Calendar/Events page. You will see who wants to go. It is good to post maps of the ride, this way, folks that can hook up with the ride closer to their location will have a chance. Folks our website should include a way for us to meet each other and share fun time. It will mean more when you post and communicate online to know the person. Our Members Location Map will allow us to find our members close.

    Now if you want to check your map location here you go. I have instruction on this thread of how to use the Map.

    Almost forgot, here is my Calendar/Events Schedule Event. This will give an example of information and a look at the members that plan to attend. Members can post questions and suggestions for hour ride. Who knows, you may have fun. It is very important to plan a the ride good for best results.

    Meet N Ride Helen, Ga