Perfect Cleaning Tool for Slingshot

  • New Owners, you are going to find the Slingshot looks the best when it is clean. That goes for the rims also. Now first thing you will find is that the front rims stay fairly clean, but the rear rim collects a lot of dirt. Now, here is my suggestion, watch the video, go get you a Swiffer Duster 360 with a box of refills and stash it in the driver storage compartment. Each ride, pull out the duster and clean the rims, put on a new refill and clean the Slingshot surfaces. It is a great maintenance tool for removing the surface dirt and dust from your rides. I do have a video for cleaning the rims with a cleaner, it will help with making this process easy to perform.

  • This video is a trip. I would have never thought of using a swiffer!

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    It is a great tool for maintaining a clean Sling! I sent the video to the Swiffer Company and they loved it. It will fit in the storage compartment, also keep a couple of clean refills ready for that quick cleaning of the wheels when you arrive at that destination after a group ride. You should look at my tire and rim cleaning video the give the rims that coating of cleaner that will make the dust not attach to the rim and allow the duster to do it's job with ease. The Slingshots looks best with nice clean shiny rims and wheels.

    This is what you should do periodically to make the Swiffer perform the best and will best results.