Thank you to all my adopted family

  • I guess maybe a few of you have noticed that I have been pretty quiet as of late here on the forum. I thought I was over my medical issues and back on my way to seeing all you guys at rallies and traveling again. As most of you know @Slingrazor and @Rob the Slob so kindly transported my Sling to DDM to install an auto tranny since my clutch foot wasn’t going to be very good any longer for which I will be eternally grateful. Since it turned out it wouldn’t be in the cards for me to attend Maggie Valley I had to make plans to travel to DDM to pick up my Sling. As soon as the Dr released me my bride and I headed to South Carolina. Was a long 2 day trip to Greenville but was kinda like a fantastic vacation just to get out of the house. Many thanks to @KayTwo and @sideseatdriver once again opening up there home to us making my wife and I as at home as any of their family would be. @Dave@DDMWorks had the auto tranny installed doing a stellar job as he always does to which another I owe many thanks. Unfortunately while at KayTwos I began to feel under the weather. After a too short a stay we headed out to Sikeston, MO to meet with @Jeff Welter to build a custom exhaust for my Sling. Began to get a fever every day but my bride fed me Motrin and it passed. After Jeff came up with the most badass exhaust configuration I have seen to which he is another I owe a big thank you to. We headed on home with fevers continuing. Since my foot had completely healed I did not think that was the source of my fever. My bride called the Dr on the way in home and he wanted me to come in soon as we got in (don’t even go home first). We did and he drew blood telling me to be back in the next AM. Long story short I had another bone infection in my foot and by 2 pm he had amputated my leg just below the knee. After being in the hospital for 31 days last time I was greatly pleased when they allowed me home in three days. At first the pain was pretty bad but the phantom pain they talk about is very real. My brain (small as it is) was telling me my ankle was killing me but then it would dawn on me “dumbass you ain’t got an ankle”. As I was trying to deal with that I began to throw myself a really nice pity party. Then I began to hear from you guys (you all know who you are - especially @funinthesun & @Boomer) givin me pep talks, words of encouragement, and get well soon thoughts. Today I am glad to say I have stepped back from the abyss (well not stepped yet) and I owe many of you and this forums massively kind members all the gratitude I can convey by the words written here. I am on the mend and just need my wound to heal and learn to walk on a prosthetic. I am not going to say I will be in Eureka Springs cause that approach seems to have jinxed me for MV & Vail. Instead I am going to say if at all possible I will see you guys in Eureka. All of you guys give yourselves a pat on the back - you are a truly special bunch of folks !!!

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  • Brother Bill - you just set your mind on getting better - you know if you or your bride need anything we'll all drop everything and come running.

    If you do everything the Dr tells you we will see you very soon sir - just get well

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  • As a diabetic, I’ve been watching your journey from afar with much trepidation. My brother is going thru similar trials with a total knee replacement. The removed his 2nd knee three weeks ago.

    I keep praying for your recovery.

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  • Keep getting better Brother... I want have a good drink with you ... so that means STAY Strong and keep fighting my brother


  • We are all glad your on the road to recovery Bill. My wife and I had the pleasure of meeting your better halve when you were in SC for a dinner at our place.

    I know Kaytwo offers great room and company but we will offer you great food and company. Dinner is on us next time you get back to SC.

    In the mean time speedy recovery. Still praying.

  • Bill, I'm not trying to make a joke of it when I say "I feel your pain" as I'm sure you know where I'm coming from. It's great to know your spirits are improving and you'll be able to get rid of your cabin fever real soon. As always, I'm only a text away from you bro

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  • Bill I hope you take this in the right way. Look forward to a new carbon fiber prosthesis, maybe a little flame job on it. Look at the plus side of making your sling lighter and faster. Only positive, no negative. Prayers to you.