Off-roading mods for my Jeep

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  • Anybody into off-roading here? I would like to make my 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport, off-road worthy. I have started with buying a set of fender flares and mud tires. I also plan to add body armors to it. Is Poison Spyder a highly recommended brand? Any other suggestions?

  • Poison Spider produces good products. What you will find is Smitty Built, Poison Spider, Best, and 4 Wheel Parts are owned by the same group...and Polaris owns that group as of last year.
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  • Had Jeeps for 17 years. Lots of mods. Poison Spyder makes great products, just pricey. Lots of options out there. Do a lot of research before buying parts.
    Check out or They will beat most prices and offer club discounts. I added $3,000 of parts once from 4wheelparts that I got for $2000 after club discounts. Haven’t had a Jeep for 6 months now but I will get another ASAP. Also, welcome to the forum.

  • JRC has a good number of XJ products. Little less support than what you see for the Wranglers. Polaris does own TAP who in turn has Smitty, proComp, Poison Spider as some of the brands under the umbrella. Rugged Ridge has very few XJ products.

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