Looking for feedback on changing my Canadian Headlights

  • Several years ago, in my quest for better lighting at night, I installed Slingshotonly's Canadian Headlights with LED bulbs. The LED bulbs required drilling out the new headlight housings so the LED bulbs would fit and the mod was done by Cycle Springs before they shipped. Unfortunately, I've never really been happy with the amount of light the CS/SSO Canadian Headlights produced.
    I have read where folks with the SlingMods Canadian Headlights seem to have been happy with the light output once they swapped the wires to enable High Beam Only operation, so I've been thinking about buying a set.
    I've also been toying with the idea of buying the newer, non-Hella Polaris center headlights and installing them as a second set of dual beam headlights in place of the CS/SSO units I don't like. I assume they are the same units Polaris mounts as the inside outer (dual beam) headlights on Canadian Slingshots. I like the idea of using the newer factory headlights since I want more light at night whether I'm using low beams ( for side of the road lighting) or high beams (for down-road lighting).
    Purchasing the SlingMods units would only cost me around $130, while buying the Polaris units would cost me significantly more ($312-330, depending on which version of the International headlights i'd need). Polaris lists 2 different types of Outer Headlights - ASM-HEADLIGHT,OUTER,RH-INTL (Canada Only), pn 2412881 & ASM-HEADLIGHT,OUTER,LH,INTL (Canada Only), pn 2412880 or ASM-HEADLIGHT,OUTER,LH,INTL (INTL ONLY), pn 2413319 & ASM-HEADLIGHT,OUTER,RH,INTL (INTL ONLY), pn 2413320.
    MY questions are -
    1 - For folks with the SlingMods Canadian Headlights, how well do you like their light output?
    2 - For those folks with the new, non-Hella center headlights, how do they perform at night? Has anyone already tried installing a second set of these in place of the empty headlight holes next to the outer auxiliary headlights? Were they a direct bolt-in or did new screw holes need to be made? Has anyone installed the Polaris Canada Only versions on their American model and did they fit w/o needing any mods?
    I hope I managed to explain my choices clearly enough for folks to understand and comment.

  • WOW! I think you just hurt my head. To much info, situation overload.

    I'd just like to have four dual beam headlights rather than four High beam and 2 Low beam headlights.
    After experiencing a loss of my headlights during a night ride before Polaris issued the Headlight recall, I rewired my Fog Light circuit connectors so I could hook up my Outer Auxiliary Headlights to the Fog Light circuit And my Canadian Headlights are wired to the new circuit added during the Headlight RecaLL fix. I now run LED bulbs in all of my headlights, but the changes I referred to would support running 6 Halogen bulbs if I needed to.

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  • When I originally started this thread, I made an ASSumption that Polaris' Canadian Headlights would be dual beams like the US models. I finally learned that the Polaris CH units are evidently High beams only, so I ended up going with the SlingMods CH units and plan on reinstalling my MH4 LED bulbs which should make the SM CH units dual beam. The MH4 LED bulbs are marked Hi-26W/Lo-13W.

  • My Canadian units were installed in 2015 by Noel himself in Maggie Valley. They are 2 wire H-4 units low beam only. But there is no reason you could not change to the H-4 three wire Hi/Lo with a wiring change. But then what is the law on 6 head lights on hi beam

    I ordered my SSO CH units with 6 LED bulbs in Feb 2016 and they came with the MH4 LED bulbs already installed in the CH units w/3-wire connectors and 2-wire connectors for the MH4 LED in the outer auxiliary headlights. Unfortunately, since the LED bulbs were already installed in the SSO CH units, I never thought to look inside once I realized their light output was terrible. This week, I finally pulled them so I could install new CH units from SlingMods and when I removed the MH4 LED, I realized they had a lower baffle that blocked a significant amount of the light output.
    I'd think the easiest way to convert your CH units to Hi/Low operation would be to install the 3-wire MH4 LED bulbs from SSO and leaving your outer auxiliary headlights as Low beams to avoid having 6 High beams or switch them to use as emergency backups.
    I also though about wiring my CH units so the driver side was High beam and the passenger side was Low beam. That way, I'd have more High beam to see farther when needed, but the second outer Low beam would also help light up the side of the road where critters typically jump out. The only problem to this approach is if a LEO or safety inspector doesn't believe I deliberately wired them that way and wants to say one or both is not working properly.
    Updated - 10.31.18 - I think I misread @FunCycle's post and that he was referring to rewiring the 2-wire MH4 LED bulb to a 3-wire connector with an additional power lead to make it also High/Low-capable. Sorry for any confusion. I also hope to post pics of one of my original SSO CH units after I cut it open to give the lens to my Wife. I was really surprised how much light the baffle was preventing from getting out. I hope to compare the baffle pic to a pic of the SM CH unit with just the left-hand cut-off.

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