Nostagia... Or things past.

  • Many of us have a few years on us... and some don't.

    But we all have things, places, lives we may not be able to do again.

    The one thing we can all do is revisit and share a memory.

    So, grab a cup of coffee...
    Sit down, put your feet up...
    And prepare to go down memory lane with your forum members.

    Hope you find this first one to be educational, entertaining, and worth seven minutes...

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  • Thanks for the video. Every time I return to one of my old bases I am amazed at the changes.

    BTW, that isn’t a C-141A. It is a B model. We sent all but one 141 in for mod in the early to mid ‘80s. They all got IFR and a fuselage plug plus some avionics upgrades.

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  • Yep, could have missed that...

    Wasn't assigned to the C-141's or C-5's... SAC trained killer on tankers. Had to reference some pics. It appears the stretch took place on the forward fuselage and aft of the right side hatch but it didnt appear to be so in the one on display. Forgive my feebleness...

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  • This one is geared more toward the riders. Benefit ride for wounded veterans. Video was shot from my Goldwing Hannigan trike. Trike due to spinal issues. And a trike that I haven't been able to sit for more than twenty minutes in the past two and half years. Keep trying cause I miss the ride.

    This one runs about twelve and a half minutes, nice ride experience.

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