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  • I thought I'd start a thread for people to ask and disseminate information about the Polaris SlingShot.

    If anyone has picked up interesting information about our fantastic SlingShot. Feel free to pass the information Allong to the rest of us.

    Don't forget to include funny and obviously wrong information. After all, we should all keep one eye open, for some "fake news."

    All the best, from UK_Paul

  • With all this talk of a further development, to the SlingShot...

    I was successful in picking up a bunch of "spy pictures" and information, on the original SlingShot, after they had started, track testing it, approx 6-8 months before it's release. (Those of you that know me well, will also know that I can do this stuff, very well indeed).

    So first, to get things started:
    I thought I'd post a picture of the latest model and some of the information about the changes.

    New design, with central seating, c/w pillion seat.
    The new Green-Deisel engine (See pic. It's green).
    Dual fuel option. Check out the boiler, behind the engine, to allow use of coal.
    Vented hood, (following many of our members lead).
    Front wheel drive (to remove that wineing noise).
    Weight reduction. Ie. No bodywork.
    New lights. US & Candida leagal.
    New metal fuel tank (in red, to denote diesel).
    Additional safety features, such as a fire extinguisher (avalible at an additional $2,459 USD. fitted).
    Special, front impact I-beams. (If someone crashes into you, then you destroy their Vehical, before yours (top safety feature).
    No rolls bar required now. (With the new, solid,forged iron diesel engine, this is never going to turn over).
    Miniaturized turbo, to assist the 1.4L engine.
    New improved water cooling, through the radiator, to cope with the extra heat, from the new oil burning engine.

    Others may spot a few more improovemets.

    All the best, from UK_Paul

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  • Pasting here from TDS (April 29, 2018):

  • Hey has anyone heard the rumor that an independent fabricator in Montana is working on a .50 cal mount to go between the roll hoops?


    Saw it at SOFIC this week .... still needs some work on the fire control and sighting systems ............ devil-squared


    :REDSS: The ghost of SLingshot past ......

  • Oh how close you are.

    My understanding is the new engine, will be too polluting, to meet this (and then obviously, the next) emissions, regulations. Most European countries are now actively trying to reduce diesel engine vheicals.

    Polaris already produce the model below, in France,
    AIXAM - Leader in quadricycles in France and in Europe
    No licence required, for young (age 14) & old drivers (no maximum age).
    The European model could use this power plant.

    It's a Kubota, two cylinder, 49cc engine.
    Less than 1L smaller than the US version.

    With regards the sales of diesel engines;
    On our news 2 weeks ago it was reported that Jaguar/Land Rover, diesel engine vheicals sales are currently down by over 50% and hundreds of people have been laid of work, in Britain, because of it.

    I hope Polaris are making a good choice.

    All the best, from UK_Paul

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  • Rumor has it that Polaris is going to have an electric slingshot being revealed this summer and being sold as a 2019 starting in October. It's a bit pricey at $50,000 but in fairness Polaris rep said it's only $30,000 for the Slingshot and the extra $20,000 is for the extension cables

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  • Rumor has it that Polaris is going to have an electric slingshot being revealed this summer and being sold as a 2019 starting in October. It's a bit pricey at $50,000 but in fairness Polaris rep said it's only $30,000 for the Slingshot and the extra $20,000 is for the extension cables

    Will it be avalible, as a 220-240v model, so it can be used outside the US?
    Perhaps that's why they have currently stopped exporting, to Europe.

    All the best, from UK_Paul

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  • I like this idea, but I have a sneaking suspicion it's gonna get out of hand real quick...

    Oh yes, but expect to see some interesting & accurate information tucked in amongst the thread.

    After all. I acquired, lots of information and some "spy pictures" of the SlingShot, when it was still being tested, on a closed track. Along with a detailed report, from a (non-Polaris) contact, that finds stuff like that... as his day job.

    All the best, from UK_Paul

  • Huh. This is really not funny.

    A coal burner, I could do. A trailer full of coal, all you need is water to go a long way. Piss in the boiler, in a pinch. Maybe some sand to get uphill.

    Otherwise, a Polaris power plant is unhappy news. The GM power train, and most of the body work are about the only parts of my Sling that have not given me serious problems.

    I keep getting junk mail from Polaris about upgrade offers. Fact is, my 2015 is 50% 2017 just on warranty repairs.

    Rumors of a Polaris power train are not new. Let's hope it stays just rumors.

    @Orangeman , what are those road creatures? The Reliant Robin was a true trike, and I can't peg from your pic. Looks a lot like the original CVCC, but they ain't burning oil.

  • Heard Polaris doesn't look back...

    Explains the rear view mirrors and no ass-at-all Slingshots.

    That rear view camera and non-functional radio with the infotainment center was an all or nothing supply purchase.

    Slingshot Flyer! Well, of course it's red... :REDSS: