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  • Just so everyone knows filing a provisional patent is very simple and does not require a large investment. A simple drawing and explanation is all that is required. You do not even have to have all the details figured out. When received and approved by the patent office (no review will take place 12 months) a filing number is given. At that point you have the right to state "patent pending". In the next 12 months you can either proceed or abandon the filing but for the patent process to proceed it must be completed within the 12 month period.

  • I’m new to this forum, have no idea of the history between vendors and the forum entrepreneurs (some really brilliant, creative minds in here). For me… I try to support small business; principles and values are not for sale and believe firmly in the "Golden Rule". BTW… very well said @Ross

    Business is business, it can be cruel, usually is. Everybody has to stand on their own principles and values, stand up for what you believe is right and act accordingly.

  • Hmmm, I know I have NOT purchased anything from a certain vendor since they started copying roll hoop mounted spoilers, coil pack covers, shift knob adapters, brake handle with boot, led kits, hid kits...from small manufacturers and forum members. I did buy their original floor mats, but that was before all the strong arm, knock-off stuff. I prefer to support original creators. The $20m fits this vendor(I believe that number was used on The Dark Side) if a sale of their Slingshot accessories arm never really took place. They do have the manufacturing connections mentioned also.

    They have a history of strong arming, a history of selling knock-offs cheaper and seem to do quite well with it because people know the truth and buy from them anyway and some people don't know the truth. The last public outcry resulted in a "sale" of their Slingshot arm, which from the $20m claim appears to have been a smoke screen.

    I'm saying I voted "boycott" a couple years ago. ;) I'm also saying the machine will continue to grind on, because in the grand scheme this forum is a small percentage of Slingshot owners and many would rather save a buck than worry about where something comes from, just ask Wal-Mart. That's another place I boycotted, ever since I learned they drove Levi's to be made over seas and then looked deaper into their strong-arm practices and their hugely negative effect on American manufacturing.

  • A vendor “code of ethics” to be able to be a vendor on this forum could include clauses for many unresolved disputes in a year and things happen...blatantly violate the rules and you’re removed temporarily or permanently.

    None of us wants to be victimized by a vendor. We are trusting them with out money in exchange for their product which we hope lives up to the promised expectations.

    Should we be made aware of questionable vendors and or their questionable practices....
    I say absolutely. If the concerns are legit and not fabricated.

    Maybe we could include product ratings.... I know this opens another can of worms...

  • It shouldn't be closed nor deleted if there is a vendor using predatorial practices and just bullying smaller guys then this is a discussion that needs to be had so people know that this is happening and we can vote we our Amexs........

    It is one thing to fairly compete vs bullying smaller vendors just because you are the big guy around.

    Proud owner of an Ultra Super Duper Faster than Light Red.

  • Just my 2 cents is all the items that are being sold by forum vendors, I'd be surprised if more than 10% of them have a pattern for protection on their items. Unless they are knowledgeable in applying for a pattern (after fully researching that there are none already issued), it probably won't be issued. There are plenty of pattern attorneys out there and they're not cheap. To have one of them do the leg work and filings for each part would be a massive expense that not too many start-up companies could afford. That being said, to copy the product and design, while not being illegal, is not the way to establish a new business's reputation for fair dealings.

    To not know all the details, it's hard casting a vote

    I know that @RichArlt went to great lengths to secure a patent before going to market with his Wycked Hitch system.

  • There is a third party ... the company who is actually producing the knockoff ......

    That was kind of my point on @lrobbi other post. Whomever is making the actual product and doing the marketing is more of the problem child. Unless, of course, they are a shell company of Slingmods set up to do exactly the kind of thing that they are doing...but I am starting to show my tinfoil hat, so I'll sit back down now.

    On the side of the devil's advocate, you can't blame Slingmods for not wanting to get involved with every small business who is making Sling accessories out of a garage or home workshop. Very realistically, if the small business can't keep up with the demand through Slingmods' marketing machine and everything, it becomes a nightmare for Slingmods to stand behind their business deal. Look at what happened (and is still happening) with Robert Piner, and a couple other smaller companies. I'm not excusing their actions or communication chain with Lewis, just looking at the larger picture.

  • As the marketing company...or drop ship company like are the mouthpiece and face of the products. It's the reason SM.C catches so much hell for graphics kits that aren't delivered in a timely manner. Or how poorly they handled the Seat cover issue that another member had when PRP would not take care of it. As the face, you have the option to partner with whoever you choose.