Rant on a Vendor

  • Ok now that I have your attention. This is going to be one of those rare rant on a vendor, a good one. Let me tell you about my problem and how it got fixed. Every Time I got up in the rpm and went for the shift as soon as I released the throttle I got a backfire. Annoying to say the least, even embarrassing at times. Wife hated it I hated it. The culprit here is simple, oxygenated air getting into the exhaust stream where there is still enough hot gases to cause ignition. The problem is finding the leak and resolving the issue. At this point I should tell you that there is no stock exhaust on the slingshot at all. I removed the entire system and sealed everything, real good, as I examined every piece as best I could upon re-assembly, I even milled the header to head flange .045 to make it flat. I purchased 1320's composite gasket set and installed it. A copper base hi temp sealer was used upon all assembly steps on every place there was a joint of any kind. Go for a test and bang, back to the shop. Remove the header and replace with stock cast iron manifold, seal good as well. Go for a test drive and bang, back to the shop. Now the 1320 header is eliminated as the leaking piece, so it has to be after the header somewhere in the aftermarket exhaust. Here comes the vender, @Jeff Welter. He confirms my suspicion of the air leak, has me take some pictures of the first pipe (the first after the header that has the muffler in it, and the second pipe in the system. After a few emails and remembering that mine was possible the first 2017 to wear the dual exhaust Jeff tells me he will send out a new primary and secondary pipe. He does just that, plus a new crush ring and the new tail pipe support piece. After getting over some PTSD crap I finally get the chance to do the install. On the test drive I wind it up a little and shift and no backfire, so then i wind it up to red line (maybe a bit past) and shift, still no backfire. Wife and I are happy that we can ride without all the backfiring and causing us to be nervous and others to get pissed off at us. So far I am just in awe of the service after sale that we have gotten from Jeff and Angie. If anybody reading this is thinking of getting after market exhaust I would strongly suggest you get your exhaust from @Jeff Welter. If you think it may be to expensive think about the quality of the exhaust it self and the service after the sale that you will get from these fine people and an outstanding company/vendor.

    Off the soap box, would be out riding but Oklahoma is getting hammered by storms, again.


  • There are some that are just solid and I always recommend... Jeff is one of them!

    Also DDM, slingmods, and our forum entrepreneurs (Patrick, Robbi, Dieter, Phil, Doug... Am I missing anybody?).

  • WOW...when you said rant...I was expecting that somebody screwed up big time. This is not a rant but a GLOWING TESTAMENT of what all of our vendors should be like. @JeffWelter is possibly one of the best business people I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I screw up and he goes crazy fixing it. We have not met in person but I swear on everything holy...when we finally do meet Im buying that guy a drink! :00000436:

    @slingmods is also top of the list(CHRIS @slingmods absolutely great) and @Dave@DDMWorks rounds out the top three in my books. My slingshot was stolen and vandalized these 3 have bent over backwards helping me put it back together!

    There are some vendors that will remain nameless that needs to sit down and seriously rethink their customer service practices. And the top 3 above should be the role models!

    Now Im ending my Rant :whistling:



  • I would like to see a post pinned at the top here where the vendors who go above and beyond in their customer service could be listed and honored in a way that can be constantly updated. this would be a great resource for us the end users, but it would also be a way to say thanks to the vendors that make it and might also encourage other vendors to try to make the list

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  • I would like to see a post pinned at the top here where the vendors who go above and beyond in their customer service could be listed and honored in a way that can be constantly updated. this would be a great resource for us the end users, but it would also be a way to say thanks to the vendors that make it and might also encourage other vendors to try to make the list

    I would agree with that on one condition....It would have to make it to where in order to be added there has to be not just a single instance of greatness but a continued deliberate effort of excellent support.

    Once every so often wonders are not it. The 3 I mentioned earlier ( @Dave@DDMWorks, @Jeff Welter , @slingmods ) should be the very first inductees and the measure we use to measure everybody else with!
    I also agree that it could inspire some good vendors to become great and hopefully bad ones to get better.
    If the bad ones don't want to change it will reflect in their sales.

    I like the fact that I can pick up a phone and get @Dave@DDMWorks, @Jeff Welter or @slingmods ...the respected owners of their business on the phone and know that they truly want to help me enjoy their products and in some cases like we have seen....help people figure out other manufacturers issues.

    They are the best at what they do and they are the ones that get my money!



  • No doubt that Jeff @welterperformance is a great guy. He is ensuring that I get an absolutely quiet exhaust turbo dual system at SSITS. He is going to install an extra muffler to make it super quiet.

    If I dipped snuff and @Jeff Welter told me that rooster over there dipped snuff I wouldn't even question it, I'd just reach under his with and get me a dip of snuff. All that being said a "super quiet" exhaust and maximum horsepower doesn't usually belong in the same sentence. Now with that said, @rabtech has the patent on that exact thing. His is quiet as a mouse until he get on it and then all HELL breaks loose!

    Tim "Ghost" Ganey
    Winfield, Alabama

  • I agree with your conditions - and I really hope this happens - - it would benefit everyone

    except the crappy vendors that refuse to improve

    Cage Free - 2016 Pearl Red SL
    JRI GT coil overs, DDM short shifter
    Twist Dynamics Sway Bar & DDM mounts

    MeanSling Sport Top & Other Misc Goodies

  • I personally talked to Jeff while I was having trouble installing my duel exhaust...I did finally get it installed and...

    It turned my SS into a new funner machine....

    woohoo...Jeff and slingmods not saying anything about DDMworks simply because I haven’t had any personal dealings with them....

    CUSTOMER service is what makes a successful business and keeps us coming back for more..

  • Well I haven't thought about that @SSREAPER. But something else has popped up lately that I'm not sure how to handle.

    Ill give you an example....

    Lets say I have a paying vendor called XYZ Products. For months and months the vendor does great. But as time goes on they start having some customer complaints. All these complaints are being posted in their XYZ Products vendor section. At this point as long as they pay the monthly fee they can stay. They would only be hurting themselves if they didn't follow up with customers and fix the issues.

    However,,,,,After a while this XYZ Products stops paying the monthly advertising fee. My decision would be easy if they did't have ongoing conversations and threads with issues in their vendor section. I would just turn that section off. The vendor would simply disappear from the forum.

    Here is the my issue,,,,,, Since the vendor has threads loaded with ongoing issues I cant just turn them off. Well I could, but that would't be very nice to everyone that has been participating and following the post in that section.

    So now I have a non paying vendor that i cant remove due to it getting rid of ongoing discussions and issues. I could close the threads and that way nothing could be added to any of them. But that doesn't help people with ongoing issues. So again, Im stuck wth that vendor. I could make that section with a special non paying icon. But that seems tacky also.

    I just don't know how to handle this particular situation. Im open for some thoughts...

  • Can you copy the thread to another location. Maybe a vendor restricted area that would let users know the unfavorable status. It might keep business from going to that vendor and protect the member. The threat of this might also make the vendors, who are making money off the members, more accountable.

  • Split the vendor list into two categories, one paid up good vendor, one un-paid up bad vendor. Assign ranking according to their handling or not handling issues. Give each party in a dispute a place to address their problems, assign a trusted non envolved member to moderate that forum.

    Not an easy issue to handle, good luck keeping everybody happy, won't happen.


  • @rabtech I understand that you don't want to be tacky. That being said, when a vendor is a member of this forum, with a vendor tag, that means that the forum is endorsing that vendor (to me at least). If the vendor isn't doing a good job, then I say tag them. Screw tackiness, is SlingshotInfo.com about sharing information? I'd also say take it a step further. For nonpaying vendors, tag them as nonpaying vendors, but for vendors who have repeated issues, tag them as a problem child. Even if they are paid up on vendor fees, do not allow them to renew. Maybe another option is to put some type of rating system, (5 star scale or it could be broken down even further into timeliness, customer support after the sale, communication, etc.) this would be were forum members put in their personal rating of the vendors and a display of the average comes up under their avatar. Something should be done to hold the vendors accountable. Some are damn near stealing from forum members or making promises and consistently failing to deliver, and using our beloved forum as the means to do it. This would be as bad as a thief jacking your truck as the getaway vehicle to steal a bunch of stuff from your home.

    There is nothing tacky about holding vendors accountable. Happy Birthday!!! ;)

  • @rabtech OK I can definitely see your problem with the given situation. I would not want to do anything that adversely affects our forum brother and sisters. Like @LargeCar suggested...is there a way to have an approved and no longer approved vendor listing? Or maybe even a dispute center where the vendor could be moved and let ongoing disputes happen?

    All we are looking for is a way to Showcase our Stellar vendors and inform people to the non stellar ones before they plunk down their hard earned cash. The idea is to promote all the vendors to strive to achieve what others do automatically.

    I do not envy you you position on this issue...as always we love and respect you for all you have done for us....being in the "MOSES" position...leading us away from destitution to a place we can thrive and prosper as a family is no easy task and you have done it wonderfully.

    Whatever you think is right I am sure we will all rally behind!

    Again thank you for everything you do to TRY make all of us happy!