Rant on a Vendor

  • Ebay doesn’t have a problem rating venders .....they get warnings don’t they ...

    Maybe a section where “WE” (actual customers) can rate venders for performance... that takes it off you.... and puts it on them...if their rating drops below a set number...they drop off the list....

    A good business should have good business practices...and should be worried about their reputation...and product quality.

    I also understand that in today’s Business Climate competition for a small slice of money pie is fierce. Advertising is expensive... newspapers are disappearing...radio and tv ads are astronomical. Leading to underestimated business costs. Brick and mortar stores are dropping like flies. Making it harder for smaller companies to absorb and survive faulty product returns or exchanges.

    The forum has a reputation to maintain also....It might look like you support the questionable vender..for whatever reason...and you are ok with their lack of problem solving. That could lead to people leaving the forum...

  • could always create an open poll for each vendor doing a star raring system where positive or negative comments could be maintained free from thread details - this could apply to particpating and non-participating vendors and wouldn't require administrators to do more work

  • Ranting on a vendor like that... geez. You should be taken out back, your shirt ripped off and beaten with a wet noodle. Twenty lashes to you by a hot looking babe in a bikini.

  • could always create an open poll for each vendor doing a star raring system where positive or negative comments could be maintained free from thread details - this could apply to particpating and non-participating vendors and wouldn't require administrators to do more work

    I do think that any system where forum members are allowed to rate vendors should be limited to members who have an established presence here on the forum so that we dont have people joining the forum just so they can have an impact on a vendors ratings.

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  • I would add that maybe before someone could post a rating, they must provide an invoice number or something that proves that they are a real customer and not one from a competitor trying to trash the reputation of a vendor

  • I would think if a sticky thread as the first thing someone sees when they click on the vendors section with a rating and comment section for each vendor would be great. It would have to be controlled as to comments and not turned into a discussion thread. And as stated the person leaving the comment should have to be a member in standing, possibly approved similar to the nsfw section

  • Many forums/sites require a poster to have made so many posts before joining certain discussions...

    Viewing the vendor scoring should be for forum members that have made “X” amount of posts, put in so much time and be subjected to disiplinary actions for trash talking or lying about a vender. And totally banned if they are a vendor trying to backstab another vendor.

    There is nothing wrong with verifying a poster as a customer of any company they wish to comment on. That would be smart and eliminate some legal ramifications...and forum problems. This purchase verification should probably be done by an administrator in private to protect forum participants private information... a poster could then be given special access to post in the vendor scoring thread.. should probably be granted one time for every vendor problem..on a incident basis. Not just open to willy nelly rantings. If you can prove you have a legit ant bitch.

    There should probably be a way to change your score if the vendor has made everything right....a time period should also be implemented.... can’t complain about a vendor within “X” amount of days or weeks....depending on the issue as to whether the vendor has totally ignored your request or time Is needed to either fix, repair, replace or reorder a new part.
    Ex. My brother in law waited 6 months for the parts for his dodge colt to come from Japan.

    Comments should be curtious and to the point...state your grievance, give your rating and the amount of attempts made to contact the vender to rectify the problem... and if the product was faulty, manufacturing defect or just a piece of junk.

    A vender rating system to assess their community standing. Fall below the require score and for the good of the forum members...the vender is dropped. Or at least forum participants should be warned about offending venders.

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  • I, too, like the idea of forum member ratings feedback for each vendor. At a minimum, a simple Yes or No, I'd purchase from them again. As far as any vendor logging on and bad-mouthing a competitor, I wouldn't really worry about it as long as any vendor knows such unethical behavior will result in a ban from the forum.

  • Jeez, all I wanted to do is give props to a vendor that treated me right in sales and service. Did not really want to re-invent the whole forum. But maybe I should stand back and see where it goes.