rear fender

  • Just asking, would it be sharp for cover wrapped over to cut maybe? I just ordered and thought I would ask about edges. I guess you could put like door trim on it.thanking in advance

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  • I think tripod had one and it looks good

    Yes, Nuc’ em has one. Combined with a hugger fender it looks excellent. Plus, I don’t get the road dirt kicked up on the back panels like many do.

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  • Well I went ahead and order this because I liked the looks and definitely the price. Got it in today and went to test fit it and install it.

    Doesn't fit my SS.

    I have the Welter Dual rear exhaust and the fender is to wide. Instead of returning it I tried to trim the folded edges and modify it the best I could, but it won't fit without severe modifications which will then almost render it useless and not look right with the exhaust. Oh well.

    I have to say it is a really nice rear fender and built well. Just didn't work for me with the exhaust.

    Looks like I will have to suck it up and pay big $$$$$ for one.

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  • Be careful … with the exhaust you have will any of the rear fenders fit.... Do a little research before spending the $$$. I have a Asult Fender from , pricey but works for me and keeps the 'rooster tail' water to a minimum.

  • Rivco is a top notch company that has been making after market motorcycle products for 25+ years. Dec2014/Jan 2015 they 'stored' a friends new Slingshot to keep the Wisconsin Snow off it and design products. He got fender and other stuff they designed.

  • The Rivco Fender/Mud Guard was one of my first mods back in 2015. Of course, I paid full price. If you want to save money, wait until I buy something first... :D

    And most of us who have bought a great new toy "Slingshot" ----KNOW that you should NEVER but the first year or two of anything....bugs need to get work out.
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  • The Assault Fender will fit with the dual, but you may have to modify the swing arm bracket to get more clearance on the exhaust pipe. I have broke the bracket 3 times also. The last time I bend more offset in the bracket to give me more room around the exhaust pipe. The swing arm bracket is the weak link on this fender.

  • Just installed my rivco fender , looks pretty sharp. Doesn’t take much , think it will work for what I need. Anyway you really don’t ride in rain here in Laredo, seldom rains. Ok I know pics or not happening,

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