Club Slingshot?

Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.
  • Has anybody seen any more about this?


    My local dealer contacted me when a Polaris rep was at our dealership. He gave me the name and contact number, I called, left a VM, no response. I have also reached out to them on the Club Slingshot on the website and facebook. So far, zero response.

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  • If I understand correctly this is set up through the local dealers, since our closest dealer now is nearly 200 miles away it sounds like this will not be of much benefit to us?


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  • They couldn't be botherd to include people outside, North America.

    It looks like it's just a hslf harted atempt at marketing... not what you eould expect from a "Global Company."

    Just sayin'

    All the best, from UK_Paul

  • Just checked out the Facebook page and, with over 900 members, it looks like it is not getting any updates, from Polaris.

    If you follow the link and then try to go to any of the tabs (posts, vidio, pics, etc.) then I get the message "No internet connection" when clearly - I Do Have A Conection, - (as I've managed to post this ok).

    From this I guss it's safe to assume they are not supporting the page, at this time. Or perhaps, Polaris just hate us Europeans, so much we are blocked, from the site.

    All the best, from UK_Paul

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  • IMHO ..... you guys are too hopeful and too focused - time for the old saying about a watched pot and water boiling

    Remember how long it took to get the Slingshade released? How about swingarm recall parts?

    Enjoy the ride now and let Polaris do what they do ...... if it ends up being awesome you'll have lots of miles, even more smiles, and you just might be pleasantly surprised if they launch something that meets or exceeds your expectations

    my only suggestion...enjoy what you've got - relying on someone to give you what you want requires lots and lots of patience

    President, Slingshot Owners Group

  • I was at my local dealer yesterday, and he was trying to promote it to me. Free the first year, but they are not sure what the dues would be afterwards. It is a "riders club" and the dealers have to apply for them. He was talking about some "level 2 ambassador" status he was obtaining. He also mentioned talking about merging with a Chicago area club (Slingshot Chicagoland on FB). He at least handed me the business card of the guy that runs that group, so not sure if it's legit or not. If there was a benefit, I would join. I asked about discounts, etc. and he wasn't sure. However, they said that this "club" would give them access to larger group rides, track days, and other Polaris promotions

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  • I looked at the link @UK_Paul and it looks like nothing has been added since 2016.

    It was a gimmick I think

    I dont think that Polaris has put any real effort into it.

    If the project had been given to a young student, just out of collage to build it, into something good, I'm sure that they could have driven it & succeed in making things work.

    I spoke with Polaris, when I tried to get them to include, non US people as members & got coments like "It's above my pay grade" as an answer. I'm sure that they rather couldn't/wouldn't put any effort, in to the project, or it just seemed like a good idea, at the time and was never followed up properly, with any support.

    When the Victory, motorcycle, was first introduced into Britain they created the VRA (Victory Rider's Association). Each area had an Ambassador and they would organise events & rideouts, with a local dealer. They would also assist at exebitions and events, sponserd by Polaris. It worked and was a benifit, to the probuct. I susoect that Polaris had intended to do simething similar, with the SlingShot, but never followed it up with amy action.

    All the best, from UK_Paul

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  • Are you frickin kidding me? Yesterday I get a post card in the mail announcing Club Slingshot. Tells me to join them May 10 or 17 2018, and member packets are shipping this summer. Just a bit late don't ya think.


    I sure hope Polaris are following this thread.

    It may sound hard, but it's the only way they will find out, how they are perceived, with "the club."

    All the best, from UK_Paul

  • I received my club packet the other includes a membership card saying I’m already a member but I have to confirm it on their site. Plus a 20 page full color booklet.

    It says nothing about dues.

    Each dealer is allowed to sponsor one club.

    In the 70s we started a custom van club we had about 20-25 members...with nice jackets and customized embroidered club patch. We paid dues and had parties and went to different “truck ins” around the country. These were usually a long weekend event sponsored by other van clubs. The had contests/trophies and entertainment. Parts Venders and van customizes would show up. Our club presidents van was featured in a national van

    Now the question becomes how much will your local dealer be willing to do for its sponsored club. Discounts would be nice and events for the club would be nice. Putting on an event where you invite other clubs to attend is a major doing...finding a proper venue, security, venders, entertainment, hotels. Major planning. Our club never held anything like that. Most of us slept in our vans with porta potties and coolers. Self contained.

    You can’t sleep in a slingshot.... : (
    If the slingshots rockin’ don’t bother knockin’

    Distance between clubs would be the biggest factor...nobody (other clubs) is going to drive several hundred miles for a one day event like a picnic or Halloween party. And if it’s longer what do you do if it’s outside and it gets rained out? With a van you can spend a rainy day in it if you had to....I always took a cabin tent to use as a bathroom/ storage closet.

    You can’t fit a porta potty, sleeping bags, coolers, extra clothes and tents in a slingshot. There are many limitations to consider.

  • Polaris, set up something, very much like this, in the UK, for Victory riders.

    The regional reps' were known as "Ambassadors." It worked well & was a very low cost option, for Polaris as these people organized ride outs, manned stands at exhibitions and helped fellow riders, with no end of support, for the product. It was an excellent marketing tool and even though Victory Motorcycles, finally, failed, this was a great benefit to promoting a great product.

    Sad, but...
    It would appear that Polaris are heading off, half cocked, with no set direction.

    All the best, from UK_Paul

  • At the moment I don’t see any significant benefit ...

    My dealer is about 25 miles away....not that far but not that close either....

    The only thing I need from them now is service work.....I buy everything else from the internet and get it delivered usually free and without paying sales any stuff the dealer can prpvide has to be at bargain prices...I like them and they have taken good care of me ....but I’m just not a dealer “buyer” kind of guy, mainly because of their higher prices.....I get the whole keep the business open reason but money in my pocket is better than money in theirs...

    I don’t know how many local riders are within my area ....have had very little contact with other SS owners in a year and a half ...haven’t seen many. I can’t do any overnight travel stuff with 3 cats at home...

    And riding with a group of fellow SS owners sound can’t ride next to anyone to talk or clown around... SS group rides are always single file with no room for error...way different than doubled up riding...