Received report their was trouble with android app.....

  • If you like Apple, stick with Apple. I just didn't like overpriced stuff with a less flexible architecture that restricts you to working the way Apple wants you to. Having total control over architecture definitely makes it a lot easier to develop your OS.

    My days of compiling kernels has come and gone... IF however, I did need to drop to a low shell level to do some terminal coding, I can.

    *Just putting this out there (as it’s a longtime opinion of mine) ~> I feel, it’s always been a misconception to think MacOS is less flexible. The windowed environment of MacOS just has safeguards to protect itself, thus giving it “the appearance” of limitation. However, underneath it all, is a plain ole’ UNIX/Linux flavoring (circa OS10). But there is one thing I can agree 100% with you on... if you like a particular OS... roll with it (especially if it gets the job done quickly and easily)! :thumbup:

  • I'm an Apple fan girl for sure... cause ain't nothing you can do on an Andriod or PC, that I can't do on an Apple! :P

    Bold statements like that tend to be false. :P

    Do either have Quad-Dac audio? You are missing out on this one, sounds superb, especially through some Shure SE846's. ;)

    Do either have SD card support up to 2 TB? (500GB is the highest SD card I can find, but my Android supports up to 2TB).

    Can you operate two Windows at once on your PHONE, split screen?

    Can you operate up to twenty different features(mp3 controls, flashlight, notepad, wi-fi...), from a small imbedded second screen, while your phone is completely locked?

    Are you allowed "Screen looping"? This is where your certain amount of Home screen pages could be endlessly swiped through either to the left or right. You never have to swipe left it you hate the left, same goes for the right.

    I know my Android has short comings, but as an Android user it's not my job to point them out in this discussion. :D

    I would also never say, "there isn't anything you can do on yours that I can't do on mine". Face recognition, animoji, say "Siri and get a response. ;(

  • Wow wish I knew what all that was it sounds pretty cool!

  • Marco, shhhhhhh, let them feel good about something. :D

    "Ok Google" may be better at answering more questions, but it lacks an air of personality.

    And outside of the animoji's, before they become meh, I agree facial recognition is pointless and much like voice wake and having Google listening for "OK Google", I would shut it off. I don't like my phone listening, looking or operating in the background. I shut down every permission in each app that isn't vital for that app to run. It's the absolute first thing I do after downloading any app, check permissions and withdraw almost every permission. Sure most warn, " declining may cause the app not to function properly". To that I say, "let's test that theory". ^^

    For iPhone users, our permissions for each app are accessed and look like this.

    My IPhone 6s had no easy way to change permissions, it seemed like you could only say "yes" or "no" to having the app with its preset permissions. @ericastar76 please correct me if it has changed.

  • BAHAHAHA this was fun!

  • @ericastar76

    My Headphones can handle it. ;) SE846 Sound Isolating™ Earphones | Shure Americas

    External memory expansion= NO

    That looks like your main/only Screen entirely lit up. I said small imbedded secondary screen. ;) Yeah, I know, 2 screens, pretty swank. :D

    Jailbreak= NO

    Hey, split screen though. Good job.

    Remind me, who makes and uses a better version of the IPhone X's oled screen? That's right, LG, my Android phone maker.

    This is fun. :00008356:

  • :thumbdown: Buzzkill!

    Jailbreaking is fair game... lol, who’s making these rules anyway! :P

  • Lol, I thought we were talking stock. :D Jailbreaking evens the playing field on all sides as you can make them what you want. You could make an Android an Apple and vise versa if you push your jailbreak far enough. :rolleyes:

    I thought about Jailbreaking a phone before, then wondered what else I really needed and the visual options were the only real draw and not worth the hassle to me.

  • I pretty much have to use an Android phone. I "could use an iphone but I would loose a lot of my IT tools I use every day. My phone records all of my calls. It does this because 80% of my calls are tech calls with lots of IP addresses and phone numbers and other stuff most people would have to grab a pen and write down. I just play the message back when I need the info. The app that records my calls isn't available to an iphone. I also use my previous Samsung Note 3 , Note 5 and now my Note 8 to draw and edit pictures for people. It has the pen stylus that allows me to write on the screen.

    I also use a lot of other techie stuff that just isn't on the iphone. At least not without jailbreaking it and then loading Cydia and stuff like that. I don't even have to root my android phone anymore. They just work....

    I do agree that if you just send text and emails and take pics and videos then the iphone would do everything you need. I just need a few other things from my phone so the android phone is needed.