DDMWorks Turbo is one step closer to production

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  • We are one step closer to production on our turbo kit, heading to Welter Performance to do another installation of our turbo kit. There are 3 of these up and running now and this will be the 4th install, this one is our final version for production though and getting a custom exhaust from Welter. After this weekend we will be taking our Slingshot to Texas with the turbo kit on it and also have more information after texas on pricing and kit availability. :thumbup:

  • I know someone who has one of these things bolted to a DDM motor and all I can say is WOW!
    This think pulls like s freight train and spools up like a wind mill in a hurricane.

    You will not be disappointed!
    Thinking Turbo - This should definitely be at the top of your list!

    I followed your advice and it definitely looks like I will not be disappointed. I can’t wait to get this installed

  • I know someone who has one of these things bolted to a DDM motor and all I can say is WOW!
    This think pulls like s freight train and spools up like a wind mill in a hurricane.

    You will not be disappointed!
    Thinking Turbo - This should definitely be at the top of your list!

    Oh, so you've ridden in Rab's already?

    Never be held prisoner to your past. It was a life lesson - NOT a life SENTENCE

  • When I first started upgrading my Slingshot over two years ago I always said that I wanted enough power to scare myself. I wanted a powertrain that I could not open the throttle all the way without genuine worry and fear.

    Pretty much everyone here knows what i am talking about.... mashing the gas to the floor and holding it there till it tops out in whatever gear you choose. Even boosted slingshots can be fairly tamed and driven to limit.

    Well over the last year or so Dave and I have updated turbos, installed huge injectors, installed Haltech computers, an automatic transmission, and patched my exhaust systems till they were the best that they could be. Don't get me wrong,,,, He made my slingshot one tough machine. But there was always a problem bugging Dave. He was building up other vendors equipment. I could tell it drove him crazy. He kept telling me that he had a plan to bring out a turbo kit. But he kept putting it on the back burner. Finally after Ocala he said he was going to build the system that I had always wanted.... The only thing was I couldn't tell anyone what exactly he was building. I mean it wasn't super secret but I just couldn't post much about what was being built. He wanted to make sure everything was accounted for before the kit was posted for sale. And Dave knew the goal,,, to build me a drivetrain that had to be treated with respect due to fear of it. Let me just say that he has damn sure accomplished this goal. I have always been able to break the tire loose at speeds up to around 80mph. But this dumbass machine will pretty much eat the tire off at ANY speed. :thumbsup:

    Now before y'all get to thinking this is just a crazy deathtrap system let me stop you. If you remember I mentioned my system was the largest of the test system. He basically has designed a bolt on system with the coolest stainless adapters that will accept all the Borg Warner EFR turbos. My system has the larger of all the turbos he used to test with because I told him i wanted pure stupidity under the hood. And because I had the Haltech and the huge injectors already in place. The others such as @MACAWS are running different turbine and compressor housings that spool up faster than mine. They just change the curve or delivery of power and when you experience the boost come in. I guess you could say that Dave now has a turbo system that can be designed for exactly what you want your Slingshot to perform like. Pretty cool.

    He can now make a build sheet of the base components and the exact turbo you need based on where you want your power to be most prevalent. And pack it up with all the precut coolant and oil lines and ship it right to you. And with the 1320 Header and his special adapter you will have no trouble reaching any bolts or nuts on any of it. He has removed all the hard to get to fasteners from his kit.

    Back to mine.... Mine never stops spooling and just climbs higher and higher. And the best part is that it makes the most orgasmic turbo noises you have ever heard. I hope since it's the poster child for DDMWorks that he doesn't make another one exactly like mine. :evil::evil:

    There is one other thing that @MACAWS and I have installed that I believe is the secret to huge power and dependability especially when going over 350hp. And that thing is...... The sand cast 2.4 engine block. It has a lot more metal and bracing in it. That is all I am going to say about it right now.... I have to save something for later to talk about...

  • three words —- GOOD LORD! Awesome!

  • OK so now that the cat is out of the bag so to speak I can tell you this is a funs set up. I will bet even some of you super charger junkies would die for this. Mine spools almost as fast as a super charger but keep on going. Dave has one more tweak to make before we announce final HP but it is astounding!

    During testing I decided to go to the Haltech engine management system to not only maximize performance but to help overcome some of the limitations the stock ECU has.

    As an added bonus I decided to try out a set of the new DDM triple adjustable shocks. My original set was only rebound adjustable and I was looking for more adjustability at the track. Great products - Great Price - Great Ride

    Happy to answer any questions if I can.
    This stuff is well designed and well supported by Dave and his staff.

  • Can you run E85 since you have those huge injectors?

  • I'm running Injector Dynamics 850 injectors. I had to switch when we were screwing with getting over 440hp. It was starving. Now I am at the edge of injector controlability. Any bigger and it won't idle correctly and any smaller it would run lean at boost above 15 to 17psi.

    Well I guess I could with a larger fuel pump and even bigger injectors. I would also need that online fuel device that senses the fuel type and automatically switches the tune accordingly. But the reason it won't matter is because the is no such thing as e85 in Alabama.

  • That little video also does an excellent job of capturing exhaust/rear end discharges (from the rear tire in this case) being sucked back into the cockpit. Best video I've seen, but I must admit I can't fathom constantly buying replacement tires... ;(:D