FDA Deeming Regulations on E-cigarettes released today

  • Coming up on 3 years of vaping. Tried everything to quit smoking, and only e-cigs worked. Currently vaping 0 nic. I try to take one day a week off the vape.

    Silly habit. But, to be off the stinkies is wonderful. Feel a lot better, and smell better too. Vaping may not be completely safe, but pretty darn sure a pack a day of camels is 100x worse.

  • I appreciate that. That 1st cigarette was the dumbest thing I ever did. At the age where grandkids are popping out. Eager to see them grow up.

    Exactly!!! It's one of the toughest addictions to break!

  • I just can't figure out why the FDA wants to stamp out ecigs when they are a proven BETTER ALTERNATIVE to traditional cigarettes..

    That's a simple one, Big Tobacco has lots of money to influence our government officials. The current status of the e-cig market is killing Big Tobacco and they want control. Then the FDA puts it out there like they are doing this to save the children, that's a bunch of bull shit!

    As it stands right now, with the current FDA regulation, if your favorite manufacture did not have his current vaping device on the market before 2007, he will no longer be able to sell it unless he pays big money, to the government, to prove it is essentially the same as what he had on the market before 2007. How many will be able to do that? He can also apply, within 90 days of the regulation going into effect, to have his device approved by the FDA. The approval process could take up to 3 years and cost from $300,000 to $1,000,000 per device! How many will be able to do that? If the manufacture does not apply within the 90 day grace period, he cannot sell the device until it is approved.

    This regulation goes way beyond "protecting the children". This puts most of the companies out of business and hands the business to, guess who, Big Tobacco.

    If you care about this please see my links in the original post and contact your representatives. There is a House Bill on the floor right now to change the 2007 date to the date the FDA regulation goes into effect. It is HR 2058. This would at least allow all current devices on the market to continue to be sold.

    I don't mind sensible regulations. Mandatory age limits, get the Diacetyl out of e-juice, etc. But the current situation is far from sensible.

    They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. (Ben Franklin)

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  • Okiedokie you are in the business that's all you needed to say...
    Harmless sure

    I like how you post the procedures for pure, undiluted nicotine which is roughly 1011 mg/ml in strength.
    Which is a level a "little" stronger than the 18 mg/ml that the majority of people use.
    Way to spew the anti-smokers point of view.
    Now, lets say you have a 8oz glass of pure, highly filtered ice water, good huh, refreshing, and harmless.
    Now lets take your posts line of direction and have 50 8 oz glasses of water. Still harmless?????? Ask that lady out in California that died from water poisoning.
    THATS IT, since water can kill, lets make it $330,000 a bottle to "protect" the stupid people.
    We get it, you are anti-smoker, and congrats for never starting a truly disgusting habit.
    But like a lot of people, i started, and continued for 25 years, smoking up to 3 packs a day, every day.
    When i decided to quit i found cold turkey didn't work, patches didn't work, Chantix was a nightmare (and should be banned) but the FDA approved it, so it must be safer than taking nothing.
    Then i found ecigs, and they worked. I no longer lie in bed and hear myself wheezing when i breathe. I dont stink anymore, I can taste food again.
    I don't think you get the overall point. Lets make it simple because no one is saying ecigs are harmLESS,

    Can you honestly say that e-cigarettes are more harmful than smoking tobacco? YES or NO

    The honest answer is just as simple as asking if drinking water is less harmful that drinking alcohol, since so many people die from alcohol related accidents.

    You have to face facts, we the people did not elect our government officials to totally run and supervise our lives.
    If we thought they would, we would not have created our government in the first place.
    I don't want the FDA telling me i have to eat spinach, drink water, eat this only, do that only, live like this, live like that.
    I don't want a fucking nanny, if i did, i would hire one.
    How many people have died from smoking ecigs? none. How many have died from drinking? How many have died from driving a car? From flying? From sky diving, From swimming?
    The government needs to get the hell out of our daily lives and do what we elected them to do, not be our great overseeier.

    And by the way, since you put so much faith in the FDA's decisions on what is safe and what is not, the FDA has fucked up again by approving a drug that causes people to have sex and gamble, LOL just saw it on the news. That makes how many times the FDA has fucked up? 2? 50? 700,000? I got news for you, the FDA makes mistakes that cost more lives than ecigs do and the government is even worse than the FDA

    I'm done.
    Getting off the soap box now to vape on my ecig, that the government will never force me to give up.

  • I smoked for a decent part of my life...I quit with the help of a medication...and I still crave it at times.
    I applaud anyone one that quits sincerely. Again I say I have no issues with your choice to "vape" I do take issue with the notion that any of us know the consequences. Currently anyone can put anything in the juice...we do know that Big Tobacco is involved and that isn't good.
    I also see via you pic vaping is your business so therefore you are passionate about it.
    I treat cancer patients possibly where my passion is derived from.
    Ok it's my day off I'm going get my Sling and ride

  • Yet another Internet thread gone strange.

    Vaping to me is MUCH less harmful than smoking. After too many tries to quick the stinkies, vaping has been wonderful. Currently vaping 0 nic. Trying to wean of vaping.

    I am not a doctor nor scientist. I am sure vaping is not good in the long run either, it is just less bad than stinkies. My body tells me so. And I hate the idea that young folks who are not using vaping to get off of stinkies might be picking up the vape habit just to be cool, like I did with cigarettes.

    The Angel in a tiny part of my brain hopes for a future where nobody smokes, nobody vapes. The world would be a better place.

  • The Angel in a tiny part of my brain hopes for a future where nobody smokes, nobody vapes. The world would be a better place.

    Not that much better I would hazard to guess. There is way too much other suffering in this world for the end of smoking and vaping to make much of a dent. If by government legislation, definitely not! Freedom of choice, now that's something that undoubtedly makes the world a better place.

    Personally I enjoy vaping and am not using it to ween myself off of nicotine. I feel that I have found a safer, at least in my mind, and cleaner way to partake in my habit. I may be wrong, wouldn't be the first time, but at least I was free to choose.

    They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. (Ben Franklin)

    2002 FatBoy FLSTF
    2016 Polaris Slingshot

  • You used to have freedom of choice.
    Not any more.
    The government thinks you are just too stupid to make decisions for yourself, so they are going to make your life easier for you by telling you what you can do, how to do it, what to eat(school lunches, transfats, oils), what to drink and how much(drink size limits), where to eat(Chick-fil-a is bad mmmk).
    I cant wait until they say that speeding in your slingshot is pre-meditated attempted murder, since you willingly exceeded the speed limit knowing if you wrecked and hit a car, think of the children. So 10 over is a life sentence.
    Wave a flag, go to jail.
    Pray to god, you get death from beheading.
    Fly an American Flag? Go to jail for being a raaaacccist, islamophobe, anti LGBT right wing tea bagging nut job that is a danger to some g-string wearing panty waisted limp wristed cross dressing fragile emotional wreck OFFENDED college student somewhere on a full ride government paid for scholarship paid for by everyone else and after graduating demands to be paid at lease $15 a hour to package your fries up while EMT's make $9 a hour to save your fucking life from the french fry you just choked on.
    And then @DKF Texas they will get around to your NRA anti-american membership in a terrorist organization and confiscate your "killer" guns that kill innocent people and throw your ass in jail for being a terrorist and offending the same college student mentioned above.
    I guess that is what we all have to look forward to.
    Because i guess it is coming.
    See what happens when i get pissed off?
    You won't like me when i'm angry, LOL :00000003:
    Moderators, you might want to move this to the NSFW, not safe for the world, this guys nucking futs section :00009069:

  • I have to throw in here I guess I have reached the age where I can be called a "curmudgeon". Government - screwed up / College - screwed up / law profession - screwed up
    Don't know if any of you guys have been following it but there is a lawsuit that has been brought against the movie theater for the massacre in Aurora, CO by survivors and relatives. I'm sorry, I feel really bad for all these folks but unless something major comes out in this trial that we don't know - this is a frivolous lawsuit. What??? are they trying to set a precedent that anytime one of these lunatics decides to go kill some innocent people the BUSINESS is liable? Can't say about the rest of the country but here in Coonass Land we do not consider movie theaters a high security establishment. If I were a judge this case would have never made it on to my docket! Best country in the world but we are spinning out of control.

    I might not be right but I can sure sound like it