Does anyone have a contact at Slingmods

Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.
  • I had ordered a part from Slingmods and they took my money and they now have an issue that they didn't charge me enough for shipping. They say it is in the terms of service. They did post on their website that they were looking for more money for shipping which I didn't see until today but then about 30 minutes later they sent me an email that I did see and said the part would be shipped as soon as my visa cleared. My visa was charged with a shipping charge. First he gave me a lot of attitude in his email. Then when I told him that I have sent in an alternative mailing address for free US shipping he keeps asking me for more money. I also told him he should throw me a free t shirt but he didn't acknowledge this.

    I hope this Will S. isn't in management or we have a big problem. If someone can give me the name and number of someone in management as this is probably my first and last order. :thumbdown:

  • I have ordered a lot of stuff from Slingmods. They always answer the phone and look into any problems or issues you may have. I even pay more for something through them sometimes because of their customer service.

  • Ditto. Josh is the best at Slingmods. Sorry to hear you say that this is your "first and last" order from them. If you take a breath and come back down to earth, you'll soon find out that Josh runs an honest company and stands behind his products. Not to say that a few other vendors on here don't, but the more you buy from Slingmods and the more you listen to the experiences from other slingshot owners, you'll change your mind and be a repeat buyer from them.

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  • Looks like @SlingMods_Josh made the customer happy in exactly 2 hours from the original post time.

    Since the issue was handled in less than 2 hours I was going to reach out to @slingmods and see if they wanted to either close or archive this thread...

    Now I think they should leave it open so people can see how fast they reply to members. :D