The New Front Fenders from @Stickerdick

  • We finished up @Joker Slingshot today on his & Milva's way up to Maggie Valley from Miami, so I would say we will see how these hold up on the long trip to MV. We also took a clue from @Painter on how to work with the side exit exhaust for now.

    @Joker will give the fenders the test ride to Maggie alright, he had plastics flying off his SlingShot on the same trip last year! These fenders look sharp, I love the look of every install I have seen in pictures or up close. Looking forward to seeing more up close in Maggie.

  • If anyone is looking to buy a set of the Polaris stock mudflaps I am going to try to sell mine in Maggie Valley or trade if someone has something I might want. Let me know if anyone is interested. Mine is the 2015 model.

    Thank you!

  • Got this unsolicited review from Rodney in California. He bought his fenders in Vegas and had to wait until last week to get his... so when I got this PM, I figured I was in trouble.... Guess not so much. I did forget his two stainless screws for the side panels, which I will priority mail in the morning.:

    Hello Mark: Rodney Dawson here in Bakersfield, CA.
    I received the Slingshot Fenders yesterday, Friday. I unpacked them today. A few compliments are in order here! 1st off, the packing/packaging is incredible! Those fenders were so well wrapped & packaged, you could probably drop that box off a ten story building with little to no damage to the contents. Very impressive!
    2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th compliments, the fenders, brackets, hardware, etc... look like they were designed & engineered for the Space Shuttle! Damn, those are incredible looking! Very beefy & beautifully finished! Something you would expect to find on a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Rolls Royce!
    Now if Polaris could only make the Slingshots up to the quality standards of your product, they would really have a winner! Have you ever considered producing your own 3-Wheeler? Vanderhaul comes to mind, out of Logan, Utah. You could give them a run for their money, heh, heh!
    Anyway... just want you to know you have one hell of a well thought out, high quality product!!!
    Thanks again Mark!

  • Yeah, I'd love to afford these sometime... Great product!

    Bobbers on the dream list... :saint:

    yep - most everything is on my dream list and these just made it a bit longer

    trying to make retirement happen sooner than later and as such the mod budget has to go on the back burner for the foreseeable future

    But thats okay I want to keep it as close to stock as possible :rolleyes:

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  • Ok I am just about packed up and ready to make my journey to the Greatest Slingshot Event in the World! Can't wait to see everyone when I get there. I will try to check my messages on the way down. I should be there early in the morning.

    If anyone wants to drive down with me I should be leaving Massachusetts around 6pm avoid all the traffic and drive straight there, let me know.

    This message will self destruct in 10 seconds.... :00008698: