Hidden gps unit

  • The quote on the picture was obviously made up of taken out of context....

    His speech below talks about secret societies which he gave in 1961 which also talks about the news media and how it reports the news.....I hear many similarities in his speech from almost 60 years ago...to what is happening today. Also on that page to the right is the Eisenhower farewell warning speech about the military industrial complex.


    It was a combination of enemies that had him killed. Can one be pin pointed for sure?

    The news media today is CLEARLY very heavily biased against TRUMP. He is fighting against the same secret societies that want to dominate the world.

    From my experience every rumor has a solid foundation based on facts. Naysayers are quick to put a conspiracy label on anything they don’t believe and won’t take the time you do in-depth investigations into. Many so called conspiracy theories are today becoming facts.

  • There are hundreds of written accounts of giant skeletons that have been found in the United States and all around the world. The Bible mentions these giants that lived on earth....these skeletons have all mysteriously disappeared. Why? There is an active plot to discredit the Bible. Those giants were real. So why doesn’t anyone talk about them and why is it a big secret. So how many hundreds or thousands of years ago did they live? Why did they die? What was their level of technology?

    Is that something you might want to know about our history? I would. Who’s idea was it to hide them and why?

    I believe the pyramids are much older than they are telling us. Much about the Egyptians isn’t coming to light. They can’t even make up their minds about what the pyramids were used for...it’s not just a burial chamber...and how could they have been so preciously made?
    And why are pyramids found in every culture all around the world? With many not even being talked about or acknowledged. Wouldn’t you like to know the real truth about them?

    Why are they finding human foot prints with dinasour foot prints? They roamed the earth 65 million years ago....they claim man is only a few thousand years old. Why?

    Did a flying saucer crash in Roswell or not? Wouldn’t you like real the truth?

  • That’s my point....what is the correct answer and why don’t we know positively all the answers?

    They are keeping us on the dark for their agenda.

    If it’s evolution...why can’t the find the missing link between monkeys and man?
    I think monkeys were altered by aliens....they why they can’t find it. But I think they did find it in our DNA.

    There are 400 billion suns in our galaxy....let’s say earth is the only inhabited plant in our galaxy.
    They estimate up to 500 billion galaxies...in the universe. So if each galaxy only has one earth.....we’re looking at 500 billion alien planets. Do you think that’s expecting too much?
    If there are other earths in our galaxy....the 500 billion alien plants turns in double or triple or much more....

    Why does everyone that invents a carburetor that gets 100 mpg, disappear with the Technology?
    Or a motor that runs on water....disappeared..

    Or the guy that can cure cancer....gone...

    Tesla found out how to take free electricity out of the air....gone

    Everything always goes back to 2 things.... money (power and control) and a female anatomical part. If God created anything better....he kept it for himself...and we don’t know about it.

  • ^^^Now God is a part of the Deep State? Keeping stuff for himself and from us. This is some heavy stuff. I'm I part of it and don't know? Why don't I know? Why didn't they tell me? Wouldn't I be more help if I were informed? Why are Apples different shapes and flavors while Peaches are all the same? What happen to the guy that invented the toaster? He just faded from history. Did they write him out? Where did his statues go? So many questions.

    Why do I respo d at all? Where did the "n" in respond go? What are they hiding? :00008172::00008356:

  • Part of the problem is....we really don’t know if God is God or God is an alien.

    Why do most of the ancient cultures believe in “Gods” that came from the sky with wings and fire? And chariots that fly....

    Trust the internet....it has all the answers. Nobody lies on the net.

    The fight is between good and evil.... call it God and the Devil or something else...

  • Dude, I've been rootin' for ya but holy Geez! Now you're spoutin' a conspiracy theory against a theory. Really?

    Look at me, post 254 on this thread. Success is yours...

    Yeah... He's doing a great job actually...

    It's really interesting how the dynamics of internet/forum psychology work... Not just on this thread... But others too... And members... Online and in real life... It's fascinating! 8o

  • I thought the “map” would have cleared everything up for everyone in one page.

    Look how everything that’s happened is all tied together leading up to today.

    Sorry not going anywhere unless I hit the lottery...

    Not smoking anything. I live in the real world...and not drinking the poisoned liberal koolaid.