Planning a road trip to Sundre, Canada

  • It looks like the dates are July 27-29. I have a family reunion in Sunriver, OR from July 19-29 but will not attend all 10 days. I also have a good buddy that moved to Idaho Falls last year I'd like to go visit. So, if I can schedule it in and get my better half to go, I could meet you in Helena for the rest of the journey and the Slingfest. I'm guessing you would be in Helena on the 25th or 26th? I'll run this up the flagpole and see what she thinks. If I fly her up for the Slingfest, is Calgary the closest international airport? She may enjoy the road trip more if she only does it one way.

    @BryanL have you thought any more about making this trip?

    I'm still working on it. If you're going to Idaho Falls and Helena on the way north, I'll run up solo and we could ride back together.

  • Anyone ever drive Route 240 through Badlands National Park?

    Went thru the Badlands on the way to Sturgis on the Harley I had at the time. Well worth the time to go thru for me. There are places you could hide from someone and still be 10 feet from them and they'd not see you. Amazing to look at, but at least take the time to walk back into some of the areas that are good for foot traffic. It wouldn't be far from the road. Was one of my favorite places out that way.

  • Ok, so I've been taking a break from route planning, and going over the things I need to do to the Sling, or get for the trip. Just spitballin' here, and some of it may not happen.

    FOR the trip:
    - cooling seat: Maybe something like this. Anyone ever use one? ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_EhVUAb1GAD254
    - cooling vest? Not sure if I will get one.
    - first aid kit in Sling. Already have it, just have to make sure I put it in
    - phone holder: to fit the new center brace, which means I need to figure out what I need to mount it.
    - small gas can. I'm thinking a 2 gal can on the passenger side floorboard.

    TO the Sling:
    - Lights: Have two headlights out. Need all 6
    - Switches: may want to finally do the switches to control the headlights so I dont have to burn all 6 all trip.
    - laser alignment? Maybe? Might make the trip smoother, and I've been thinking about it for a year

    Also thinking about borrowing a set of Baker air wings, and/or doing the plastic hose air porting trick that a couple guys have set up.

    So, peanut gallery....what am I missing?

  • Tire plug kit, bottle of Slime, 12 volt portable air compressor, needle nose pliers and regular pliers. Spare 40 and 50 amp fuses. Assortment of smaller fuses. Qt of motor oil and Qt of antifreeze. Hope that helps

  • Tire plug kit, bottle of Slime, 12 volt portable air compressor, needle nose pliers and regular pliers. Spare 40 and 50 amp fuses. Assortment of smaller fuses. Qt of motor oil and Qt of antifreeze. Hope that helps

    Tire plug kit - got

    bottle of Slime - got, but it's old, I'll get a new one

    12 volt portable air compressor - was thinking about that. Probably need that, huh?

    needle nose pliers and regular pliers - got, plus vice grips

    Spare 40 and 50 amp fuses - don't got
    Assortment of smaller fuses - got

    Qt of motor oil - got
    Qt of antifreeze - don't got. Ya think?

  • A small tow behind trailer
    You will never fit all the shit you need in a sling

    THAT'S bullshit. I've got two compartments, 2 MeanSling bags, and I may rig a third bag. Plus I have the passenger side space.But it's not gonna be a problem.

    Just wish I didn't have to bring a helmet. Those take up a shitload of space, even the half lids.

  • I should have showed you my tool kit, everything that you would need and it maybe fills up half of the little space in the passenger compartment storage. The small slime compressor and tire patch kit and a few more things will fit under the black piece passenger side under the roll bar. You could also get a marine grade/water proof plastic tray that would fit under the seats for tools and other things. Also make sure that you have the folding lug wrench, takes up less space. You are keeping notes right? If space allows, the large can of fix a flat.

  • skip the gas can - you're traveling major roads

    Tire plugs/slime, small tool a fuse kit and a flashlight for sure

    Atlas or written directions. Use Waze if you're going to let you phone navigate.

    Spare hidden key

    List of dealerships near where you are spending the night although your sling family will probably rescue your ass until you are between SD and Canada

  • You think? I've heard that the Dakotas and MT can be pretty sparse. Not the case?

    THAT is a plan. Can't believe I didn't have that written down.

    not an issue crossing on major roads. Never had an issue

    You're going to love it.... its just going to be warm