flash back - me with my first car - please post yours

  • Counting cars and trucks (if I remembered them all) I've had 50 including my wife and son's while he lived with us (that I bought and insured). Son had two of them, so 48 if not. Bikes (same, ones I bought and insured, 2 were son's while living at home) total 19 street bikes. Have been at least 10 dirt bikes also. Plus Slingshot.

    Counting the SS, all cars that I was the main user, all bikes that I was the owner/rider.... I've had 58. That's one for each year of my life. Need to be looking for the next one, no reason to wait until I turn 59! :00008356::00008040::00008172:

  • 70 years and I have only had 8 cars and 1 pick-up. Then 6 street bikes including the Slingshot and 2 dirt bikes. With my sons 2 cars, 2 trucks and and 4 dirt bikes and another street bike. I think that is all. The good ones were 57 Chev 210, 60 Corvette, 67 Corvette and I still have the 35 Ford

  • I was trying to remember if Kodak was around when I got my 1959 Dodge Royal. Push button transmission, wouldn't run so my mom's boss sold it to me for $25. Cleaned the battery posts, good as new.

    Man was that a boat. 12 moves, 2 wives, flooded basement, no way any pictures survived, if I ever took any.

    Learned to drive on a '63 Valiant, slant 6, 3 on the tree. gas was a quarter a gallon, yea I know, I'm old.

    The trouble with bucket seats is not everyone has the same size 'bucket'.

  • First car was a 1983 Mazda 626 standard transmission... Wasn't mine though, just learned to drive and kept it for awhile (borrowed from my dad).

    My first vehicle was a 1992 Ford Explorer Sport... I used to mod that at 16 years old! Had a screen, Playstation, LEDs, radio, subs, speakers, and exterior mods. Was originally a horrible teal like color and I had it painted...

    I was really thinking outside of the box when I put on some Mustang side scoops! Always unique! :/8|

  • I had a 92 Jeep Cherokee I got for a graduation gift in 95. I think I got a pic of me standing in front of it I will ask my mom. Finally got rid of it. Or should I say parted it out in 2010. I loved that car. Went from that to my f350 super duty. Now my wife on the other hand is what I'd call a car whore. She had Probley 20 different cars new and used since she started driving. 6 different since we've been together.

  • I need to start catching up with you guys. ^^ Nice count @Goats_Hogs.

    For the record, I wasn't bragging. Later in my life I've had a few more "go to" toys. Currently have two Harleys in the stable, the SS, two cars, one truck, and a small enclosed trailer. The trailer and my daily driver sit outside, the rest are covered late fall thru spring. I have lived all my life out away from the city, not near the clusters of traffic. That means in translation, that I must drive everywhere. I have a 60 mile commute round trip to work every day. My daily driver can get up to 32 MPG for that commute, and is why I have it. My truck is a great one, but old. It's a 1994 Z71 extended cab with under 135k on it. For my daily drivers, I use either higher mileage 1-2 year old cars, or really low mileage several year old cars. I've always rotated them often, and it shows in the numbers of vehicles I've owned. I'm trying a new approach this time. Current daily is a 2015 Impala Limited LT (older body style) with 50K on it. My commute is all highway, with about 20 blocks of in town driving. Plan to see just how many miles of highway this car can get and stay reliable. When I say the truck is really old, that doesn't bother me that it is. It's still a nice truck for certain, and I'd trust it anywhere.

    I have had a few that were really cool though.... ;)

  • The Goat is sweet. Loved the body style of those years.

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  • My first car was a 65 Pontiac Lemans - wanted a GTO but found the lemans and made it look like a Goat with a lot of junkyard parts and an Acapulco Blue paint job. Mostly owned Chevelles 68 and69 were my favorite years. I guess because in the late 70's they were what we raced and there were plenty of parts available. I started buying trucks in the 80's and have not owned another car since. I lost most of my old car pictures but ran across this one. I was my favorite beater car. Yes I watched to much Dukes of Hazard and yes the end result of that jump did not go well.

  • Well, I guess it's time to put this up again. My 1st car shown here in the high school parking lot circa 1977. IT's a '69 Chevelle SS 4-speed that had blown its 396 by the time I got my hands on it. In its place was a Corvette 327 that would still shit 'n git. Spent my formative years driving sideways - and trying to cure wheel hop!

    In my defense, I was left unsupervised.