Installation instruction for the sequential blinkers are done

  • @mytoy, just looked at the instructions for a minute and I see a few changes you might want to make: (attaching a marked up pic)
    1. All pages should be page ? of 15 in the right corner. 15 is going to the next line and to the left side.
    2. Page 2 and 3, what is that grey slug :)
    3. Page 6, second picture needs an explanation.
    4. Page 8, instructions shouldn't be separated by the picture.
    5. Page 9, hard to tell where this is.
    6. A few typos and some of the pictures are difficult to tell exactly where the procedure is on the panel.
    All might be much easier to understand if you have the panel off and are working on it. Just looking at pictures in an instruction manual is often difficult to understand until you are working on the parts themselves.
    Thanks for making this buddy!

  • Thank you my friend I made the changes, hopefully this helps.