Hahn SST TurboSystem Group Buy


    Not sure on Tejas yet, awaiting Ivor's greenlight. Maggie Valley is a GO, however!
    As the 20% off price is, like...unprecendented...no, it will not include installation. But I admire you for trying :)

    Yes, if @funinthesun dives in, his current system will be available from us. Mind you, the sale of said used system would be a stand-alone deal, and not reflect in this Group Buy, although his new purchase certainly would.

  • I was going to jump on this, but then i got to thinking, the turbo cost is just a part of what is required.
    You also need a new intake, new headers new exhaust, gauges, ECU tune, and then there is getting it all installed properly.
    Once all that is figured in, it went beyond what I was comfortable with.
    Especially with tax day approaching.
    The gubment needs me to help support the ones that choose not to work.

    Hi @AllIn5450. Thanks for your interest in this boosted event. I'd like to clarify a couple of things:

    Our TurboSystems are quite complete, and actually do include their very own intake system (with genuine chrome-capped K&N filter, not some unknown-origin Pacific Rim crap), and its own turbo header (manifold). A now-defunct turbosystem supplier did not include a header/manifold, so that info is out there...but we are very different from them, and don't play that way. Every one of many thousands of Hahn RaceCraft TurboSystems delivered to date have included our Warrantied-for-Life Fab40 Turbo Manifold. We've very proud and very confident of this super-durable, highly developed design...which is why we stand behind it with a lifetime warranty against cracking. Can't even tell you the last time we had to actually replace one under warranty either!

    What is not included in the price is a PCM reflash tune (where needed, as PortFueler EMS-equipped systems do not require PCM reflash), and exhaust system, whether it be one of ours, or one provided by a company like Welter.

    Gauges are a personal choice, and by no means required to have a fun boosting experience.

    So perhaps take another look...we may still be within your budget after all - ESPECIALLY at these prices!

  • Hey, @Bill from Hahn RaceCraft could you please post the 20% off cost again including shipping and taxes if they apply?? Thanks

  • LOL... this is like standing there watching an accident. I know it's going to happen, but gritting my teeth until someone pulls the trigger! ... and if it weren't for the fact that I told everyone I was waiting for 6 LOL. I do what I say!

    Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose. - Bill Gates

  • Also, @Bill from Hahn RaceCraft could you do any type comparison between your turbo being offered on this sale and the New one @Dave@DDMWorks is working on and about to release (Borg Warner turbo charger) ??

    It's hard to accurately compare to a product that's yet to be released...frankly, it's impossible. Such a time will come, but it's not here yet.

  • Sorry for thread jacking, Bill! I had one too many rum and cokes last night. Lets get this train back on the tracks. I just got done placing my order for the turbo! Happy boostin' guys!

    Not at all, I enjoyed the detour, I'm actually a big fan of big ships. They are the world's largest mobile machines, and really pretty breathtaking in engineering and performance.

    So, Welcome Aboard, Matey! The SS Boost is currently moored, taking on provisions and passengers, and will set sail February 19th. So far, she's at half-capacity ;)

    And special mention to you for being the Official Number 5, and thus sealing the deal for the first pricing tier.

  • Being the first one to buy on this "group buy" this is great news to get to 5. Now to get to 10. Eager to get my new product and get this installed to enjoy the "BOOST". Thanks Bill for providing the "group buy" in the first place!