4 - Point Harness

  • Yeah... I just don't want to cut through plastics and don't mind that mounting system that slingmods sells... Just mind the price. 8|

    If you have stock seats you dont have to cut anything because they sit lower , OEM seats are higher. I've got 4 P attached to the roll bar bolts and they just come out and down.Work great....there is a discussion on this in the forum.

  • That is a valid question but I think if it is equipped with belts you have t wear them. Lots of grey area with this machine. I just try to color in as much as possible and avoid conflicts - unlike my younger days, I am too old to be handcuffed to that steel bar in holding.

    I can't speak for the other states, but in Arkansas it is still classified as a motorcycle, and you do need an endorsement. With that being said motorcycles do not have seat belts and i am not going to be that guy to write a seat belt ticket in a SS. I do understand the personal aspect of wearing it for safety reasons though.