Size matters

  • Just a quick question, for you all.

    My SS is in storage, right now and I can't get to it to check a couple of dimensions. My dealer (In England) has now gone into liquidation and then, to top it all, Polaris UK are now, almost, as much use as, an ashtray on the hood of a SlingShot.

    So please can someone help with the outside dimensions (mm if poss) of the threads under the 3 black plastic caps in the picture? I suspect that one of them may be a diferant size to the other two.

    Your help would be appeciated

    All the best, from UK_Paul

  • The brake master appears to be 38mm slot to slot and 43mm outside lip to outside lip and the clutch master appears to be 48mm notch to notch and 51mm outside lip to outside lip. Does that make sense?

    Remember folks - this isn't a rehearsal, it's The Show!8)