Wannagofast.com 1/2 mile shootout in Ocala FL (Sat, Jan 20th 2018, 7:00am - Sun, Jan 21st 2018, 7:00pm)

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Wannagofast.com 1/2 mile shootout in Ocala FL

Sat, Jan 20th 2018, 7:00 am - Sun, Jan 21st 2018, 7:00 pm

1201 NE 77th St, Ocala, FL 34479, USA


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Closing Date: Jan 20th 2018, 7:00 am
  • This looks like it was a LOT of Fun... Happy that all was safe, no engine blew and FUN was had by all. :thumbup:


  • Congratulations to Mark. He brought his A-game. There was no mention of power limits so I should have been more prepared.... He told everyone there that he was putting out 20 pounds of boost. Heck I didn't even think it was possible for that supercharger to do that... I believe it now for sure :-)... If my calculations are correct he should have had somewhere around 450 to 500hp at 9800rpm. Wow....

    Doesn't matter how you get to the win. He did it... I will just have to keep trying my best to keep up with the Honda's and other rice burners....

    P.s. I'm not disappointed with the Ecotec at all. It was at 476hp with the manual transmission. Im not sure how much the automatic transmission cost me in horsepower. That is anyone's guess. But even it being a new install you could see it was doing very well.

    Congrats @StickerDick you brought just enough weed wacker to do the job for sure. :-)

  • One last thing. If you are wondering if an automatic swap over is for you..... It is an awesome product. It makes the slingshot so much fun... And it does kick down when you want it to. It just roasted the Mickey Thompson drag tire I had one it. I even got to do a doughnut or two by stomping it down a few times at the end of the runway....

    So if you were wondering how it would do..... It is awesome.

  • Question for @rabtech, @StickerDick, and @Dave@DDMWorks.
    How much of an issue was traction.
    If you could have hooked up better throughout the 1/2 mile, what would you guesstimate your speed would have been.
    At what power level would you say it would be better to spend money on traction?
    Hold your heads high, you represented us all very well.

  • At 130 mph and 1 mph faster than the Beast, I think we can all put the lawn mower references aside and agree that the Honda is legit! I'm sure you'll push each other to even faster times next time out.

    Churn and Burn Brothers! This was fun for all of us - but next time I seriously have to think about a plane ticket...

    Remember folks - this isn't a rehearsal, it's The Show!8)

  • Lewis is a bit lighter than me....

    Traction was pretty terrible. Even when launched hard enough to slip the tire on the rim up to 2" it manged to find a way to spin. I actually white smoked the tire AT the 1/4 mile mark and did the sideways dance at 110mph. On another run I hazed the tire all the way to the 1/4 mile mark. It's just a handful to make them hook from the dig till the end of the track. When it broke loose at the 1/4 mile it was the first time I have had that scared feeling in a long time. It sucks for sure.

  • I won't even try to remember the names of all the guys and gals that we met over the weekend there in Ocala but we had a great time and we're glad we had the opportunity to meet you all.

    As for the racing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,well,,,,,,,,, it was/is a little different than they type of drag racing that we are accustomed to. That being said there were a ton of similarities. It was definitely a lot of fun and even though there were a ton of vehicles there they ran it efficiently enough that you were able to get in several runs. Unfortunately the surface of the air strip was not the best for traction but as was mentioned before, "it was the same for everyone" which is true but it is also precisely why you cannot compare this weekends numbers to numbers ran at a "real" race track or even another air strip as their surface could be drastically different. Bottom line, this weekends race was "this" weekends race. Will there be another in the future? You can bet on that and next time we could be very surprised who shows up to play! While it's too late for anyone but Mark to win "this" race there is plenty time for anyone to show up and win the next one.

    One of the things that I was impressed with is the belt. In the past I have worried about my belt breaking. That is no longer a concern of mine. Yes I have seen pictures on the internet where they have broken but I have no idea how they accomplished it. Let's think about Rabtech's set up for a minute. Without question he is a "plus" size guy, without question his bike produces serious hp, add to that the fact that he has tons of subs, amps, and other electronics mounted rear of center that add weight to the rear tire, then add on the fact that he was running a M/T racing tire that was soft and sticky and he made several runs without breaking a belt. All of these facts have taken away any concern that I have of ever breaking a belt. Will it ever happen? Who knows but you can bet if it ever does I either did something stupid or I just had a bad belt!

    I will throw in a disclaimer out on this subject. If someone were to take a bike like Rabs to a really prepped track like maybe Valdosta GA during the Manufactures Cup Motorcycle Race then you may find enough traction to break a belt. The spring race is being held April 6th, 7th and 8th. If there is anyone here who knows @Bill from Hahn RaceCraft. I believe that he has the leverage to get some slingshots into the "grudge racing" class that is held at every ManCup event. They are motorcycle only events but considering our slings are classified as motorcycles I really don't know why there would be a problem. They usually have a TNT session on Thursday and Friday that you could also participate in and they are run pretty much like this weekends race where you can hot lap your bike over and over if you like as long as the session lasts. I'm not sure about safety gear, that is something that Bill would have to comment on. I am sure they would require the helmet but not sure about anything past that.

    Tim "Ghost" Ganey
    Winfield, Alabama

  • Tim how are ya! Good to see you, and thanks for the mention. Yes, I have broached the subject with my Manufacturers' Cup cohorts, and we may well be getting something going this year at some of the events.

    For those unaware of what the Manufacturers' Cup Dragbike Series comprises, I'll be doing a thread soon on the possibilities where Slingshot are concerned. The series is the premier motorcycle drag racing series on Earth, truly internationally acclaimed and attended, and I am the series announcer and master of ceremonies. It's high time we got some three-wheelers out there to enjoy not only these amazing events...but also their phenomenal traction, as Tim alludes!

    That said, I'll come back to this subject in a new thread once we have more to share - so if any of y'all have any questions about same, we can address them in such a thread, or you can PM me. I'd prefer not to "pirate" this thread, me mateys.

    THAT said, congrats to all who participated in the Jumbolair event. I'd actually inquired about same last year, but they shut me down, as bikes were only first invited this year. By the time I learned of this, I wasn't able to get my ish together, as it was only about a month ago...and as my patient customers can tell you, I have NO time to be playing race-trike at the moment! Our shop mule Slingshark is in non-boosted, normally-aspirated development mode currently (more to come!) but will most assuredly be visiting one of the many 1/2 mile venues soon in one or more of its multiple identities, whether boosted or not.

    A hearty and heartfelt Great Work to you all! Thanks for repping the Sling Nation <3:thumbsup:<3

  • It’s great to see the slingshots allowed into these competitions. All 3 guys deserve a round of applause!!
    Maybe next time we can get a few more slings involved like Norm bringing the V8 down to play. Like to see Henry and Hahn bring something too.

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  • This was definitely a fun event, I had a really good time. Drag racing is definitely not my forte, but this event was really a great experience for several reasons. First of all, everyone that I talked to while staged was really nice, from the guys driving the Rolls Royce convertible -

    To the girl I was talking to about traction issues with just a bone stock Camaro SS, everyone seemed to be very friendly, a very nice crowd for sure.

    Secondly, congratulations definitely go out to @StickerDick, after a year of testing and tuning his machine, he has it working quite well on the drag strip.

    Lastly, we were very happy with how our prototype Slingshot turbo did out there. We wanted to get some more data on the kit on a stock engine and it performed really well. Also, the engine and Slingshot came home in one piece, definitely a good weekend.

    If you get a chance to run in one of these events in the future, I would highly recommend it. The most fun for me personally all day was watching the different matchups while staged. Matchups like - McLaren vs. Porsche 918, Tesla vs. Camaro SS, Audi R8 vs. Hellcat, etc. It was amazing to see all the different types of cars there, my favorite was the Rolls Royce convertible that staged next to me. The driver was really friendly and just before running, dropped the top on it to run down the strip in style :)

    Like I said, just a great event, definitely planning on going back to the next one. Hope to have some more Slingshots there next time!

  • Question for @rabtech, @StickerDick, and @Dave@DDMWorks.
    How much of an issue was traction.
    If you could have hooked up better throughout the 1/2 mile, what would you guesstimate your speed would have been.
    At what power level would you say it would be better to spend money on traction?
    Hold your heads high, you represented us all very well.

    We played with the tire pressure on Sunday, we had started out low (10 lbs cold) which went to around 15 when it was hot on Sat. But the best traction was when we went to 20 psi on a hot tire. You could see the difference all the way across the tire and we did this at about the last 8 runs on Sun. We should have been looking at that tire every run from the very beginning. The tire was biting all of the way across in the end, you could look at the way it was wearing after every run and see what was happening. That Micky Thompson was doing all it could do on the last runs but @rabtech could still lose traction at any time during the runs.