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  • It's not easy being away from someone you love especially when you feel helpless and not sure how to fix it all .... but we are here for you with postive thoughts and prayers .... heck dirty jokes and stupid stories if needed

    Mark, Shawna or kiddos


    PS. I think a baby named @Tripod or @KayTwo might not roll off the tongue as easy as, i dont know maybe Ross


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  • Great looking family
    Wishing you all the best in health and happiness

  • Just a quick little update before I get whisked into another whirlwind...

    After y’all saved the day, covering the shortfall of our January mortgage payment (and enough left for some sling parts and a teen’s mattress that had been longed for), a miracle happened... a pipeline project that been cancelled the year before, suddenly was up and running. This meant... customers!!! In fact, enough guests to cover February 1st bills (your prayers did this folks!). Mark was already having a tough time coping by himself and now has been unexpectedly trying to run an RV Park by himself at the same time. Doing this in -30 in Canada is a challenging job. Already someone has set fire to the electrical, frozen our entire septic system, our vac truck Broke down and the job is very very full time. I’m normally the cop keeping these guys in line but right now the inmates are running the prison (Mark is waaaaaaaay too nice). Despite the rough ride, it’s the very best thing that could’ve happened and we are so grateful for the work. What this also means though is your packages are sitting there... waiting to be shipped. I feel so bad that I’m out of commission here but I will get to them as soon as I can... you’ve all been so amazing- the love and support has carried us through the scariest and loveliest of times... I’m especially grateful for the couple pictures that were sent and are on my wall in my little room here.

    Wednesday is the big day. Mark will have to leave the park unattended and him and the boys will come for the big, long-awaited event. The neonatologist has told us that the baby will have a three month struggle against the antibodies. Our hope is that the majority of that can be on an OUTpatient basis. Doc says we can only see the tip of the iceberg though so we won’t know how strong the baby’s bone marrow is until he/she storms into this world. We’ll let you know! Mark is feeling confident that we’ll be home for Valentine’s Day. He figures his baby is gonna fight good and strong. Well, we all know that only quality products come out of the Slingshot Garage...

    Much love... xoxo

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  • Thanks for that update Shawna. Rest assured, the forum members are continuing to hold your family up in prayer. We wish nothing but the best for you & yours... :love:

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