Other recent/new 3 wheelers...

  • Might have to sell my slingshot for this......🤔


    would love to see Polaris do a styling refresh and come out with something that looks like this. Maybe with "doors" to help get in and out easier. They should realize that they have a huge demographic of older riders that moved from motorcycles and making it easier to get in and out would be a huge benefit to that group. That is a good looking vehicle design though. Not fully vanderhall smooth flowing lines, but not quite as "star wars pod racer" angular as current design. If there are any Polaris design engineers lurking on this site this would be a really good idea to look at. New engine, different lights, and paddle shifters aren't going to get me to trade in for a new one. A new look like this might....

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  • Interesting

    The ultimate custom car builder, Richard Rawlings, meets the infinitely customizable Slingshot. And the results of his custom 2021 Slingshot are spectacular.

    Polaris Slingshot has partnered with Richard Rawlings, along with his crew at Gas Monkey Garage, to turn his Slingshot into a one-of-a-kind custom ride. Gas Monkey Garage will chronicle the build with a five-part video series premiering exclusively on Slingshot’s YouTube Channel beginning Tuesday, October 12 at 10am CT. Each Tuesday, thereafter, a new episode will publish and chronicle the build, trials and tribulations, and ultimately the final reveal at the SEMA Show. Known for his creative vision and intense drive to customize vehicles and machines like never before, Rawlings will modify his 2021 Slingshot to exemplify his boundary-pushing, out-going personality.

    Do not resent growing old. Many are denied.... The Privilege :REDSS: :SUPERCHARGERSS: : :HEADERSS: : :COILOVERSS: Wycked hitch

  • Anyone notice this on the last page . . . "Vehicle shown is the gas powered version."?

    I checked their market price. Closed 10/12 at 0.661 per share.

    Looks like a race between Elio and aguam-ev and P T Barnum.

  • If it makes it to production, I will still buy one.

    I wonder if my deposit for a G version can be switched to the E version?

    A message I received September 8, 2021.

    Good Morning Elio Reservation Holders,

    Wow, it has been a while since we have had the chance to say that and frankly, it feels good… and we’re back!

    Stay tuned for a number of important and exciting announcements over the next few weeks on our path forward. In the meantime, you can head over to the SEC website where you can view our recently filed reports and financial statement.

    We are sure that you have a lot of questions that we will work to answer over the coming weeks and months. Our email, tellmemore@eliomotors.com, is available for your questions, which we will gather and share as we move forward.

    Thank you again for your patience, understanding and, most of all, passion for the Elio vehicle platform,

    The Elio Team