Update - Aug 2018 -Missouri AutoCycle Law Change

  • Ok so I really suck and tracking down what is law and what is not.
    I know that in Aug. Missouri changed the slingshot to an AutoCycle and no longer requires a motorcycle license to operate.
    But now when I look up the change I find the below document, which to me appears that I no longer need a helmet either?
    The roll hoops/cage should have me covered, but I don't know if this the what actually went into effect?

    Anyone in the MO area have any information on this ?????

    Thanks in advance



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  • That is the bill was introduced not the final version.
    The issue with the helmet section is the screwed up wording.
    If you look closely it creates a requirement that can't currently be met to ride without a helmet.
    It requires a roof that has been crash tested and meets the current helmet standard. I'm MO that standard is DOT or Snell approved.
    To my knowledge no one currently makes a roof that meets that standard or has even been crash tested.
    I'd say if you have a roof and ride without a lid keep one with you and set aside $25 for a helmet violation.

  • Yea, I was afraid that was the case - I have one no helmet ticket in KCMO. 25.00 ticket with 75.00 of court costs. They are not suppose to have court costs but they do and you can't find anyone willing to help you remove the court costs. :(

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  • Missouri Revisor of Statutes - Revised Statutes of Missouri, RSMo Section 304.005 Autocycle—defined—protective headgear not required, when—valid driver's license required to operate.

      304.005.Autocycle—defined—protective headgear not required, when—valid driver's license required to operate. — 1. As used in this section, the term “autocycle” means a three-wheeled motor vehicle which the drivers and passengers ride in a partially or completely enclosed nonstraddle seating area, that is designed to be controlled with a steering wheel and pedals, and that has met applicable Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration requirements or Federal Motorcycle Safety Standards.
    2. Notwithstanding subsection 2 of section 302.020, a person operating or riding in an autocycle shall not be required to wear protective headgear if the vehicle is equipped with a roof that meets or exceeds the standards established for protective headgear.
    3. No person shall operate an autocycle on any highway or street in this state unless the person has a valid driver’s license. The operator of an autocycle, however, shall not be required to obtain a motorcycle or motortricycle license or endorsement pursuant to sections 302.010 to 302.340.
    (L. 2016 H.B. 1976, A.L. 2017 S.B. 8 merged with S.B. 222 merged with S.B. 225)

  • The roof I have actually looks like it "could" be a roll cage. Bolts to the frame and roll bars. I have faith in the roll bars behind the seats. But in a roll over they will probably be ok. But the add on roof "could" collapse down on you.

    As far as a ticket the LEO would have to know that none of the roofs are not actual roll cages.

    I wear a $250 bicycle helmet. Which really isn't legal as far as DOT requirements. But it looks legal. Some.

  • Do you have to wear a helmet in convertible cars in Missouri lol???
    That would be my defense in court.

    The only time we have rode in Missouri is during the previous Eureka rallys.
    We weren't wearing helmets and just recieved waves from law enforcement.
    Hopefully our luck holds out this year, and if not its $25.

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  • My feeling is now that I am good without a helmet - I am going to print the new regs and keep them with me.
    There is a good chance I might have to go fight another 100.00 ticket but as stated above I feel I have a good chance to prove the wording could go either way.
    I have seen more and more Slingshot riders around KC without helmets so maybe things are moving the right direction for me.

    Thanks for everyone's input and help.

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  • #2 definitely worded wrong. Sounds like it was written with the Elio in mind without regard for the vehicle that is being sold. A law written for vaporware....

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