I Met a Slingshot Guy at Harrah's Casino Night Club

  • What are the odds. This rather hefty fellow was standing with a chick who's ass-ets were large enough to perhaps garner a slight gravitational pull, so I mentioned "godd*mn girl, dat a*s though!" to which we all jumped into a conversation about rotund exteriors. One thing leads to another, and the guy and Rob bust out their phones to compare whips and this dude as one of the first SL's they released.

    The look on his face when I told him my LE had gone on to make someone else's life more fulfilling was hilarious - he was like "are you insane? You sold your Slingshot... why.... why would you do this?!" All the Viper pictures in the world wouldn't have made my decision any less sound to this gentleman.

    I sold my SL LE and downgraded to a 2008 Dodge Viper ACR and then downgraded again to a 2014 Ducati 848 Streetfighter :S

  • Ya, unfortunately, I would have to agree with the "rather hefty fellow" with the "junk in da trunk" chick! With that said, the SS truly isn't everybody's dream ride. My late brother had a 2014 Corvette, with a California A&A Supercharger. It has over 620 HP, and my nephew is the proud owner of it. It's mine anytime I want it. For a day, a week, a month, whatever. I would rather take my SS over that beauty anytime! But that's just the passion I have for the Slingshot!

    Never trust a ConnMan!!
    (Man I love that line!)