F4 +5 Tinted or Clear

  • I also took advantage of the slingmods sale and got the +5 tinted, wind is drastically reduced. But have to get used to the top edge cutting through the middle of my vision.

    I think with the seats in the 17 SL LE, I sit a little higher then other seats.

    2017 SL LE Midnight Cherry

  • Try the Baker 'Air Wings' with the F4 5+ ... I also made some simple wind deflectors that tuck under the hood at the windshield and on the side of the
    "door" area which give me added cold weather riding.

    OK OK you twisted my arm enough I will buy the baker air wings .......just ordered them should be here in a few days!

  • @EjFord I just received my Baker Air Wings, did you install them level with the top of the +5 windshield or towards the bottom and what works best?

    Mine are a little low...I'll go out and give you a good #. If mine were just a little higher they would open more and not hit the 'body'..

  • Mine are a little low...I'll go out and give you a good #. If mine were just a little higher they would open more and not hit the 'body'..

    Mine are set at 4.25 in (top brace) below the top of the Windshield. 4 in I do believe would be better. When I installed mine (53,000 miles ago) I put a small drop of rubber cement on the windshield so they won't slip and have not tried to move them...

    Second item...

    Mine we installed by Bruce Baker at his shop and when we did a test ride he was not happy with the minor vibration with only the small washer below the bold holding the windshield in place...He made a 'pair' of 1.5 in x 2 in metal plate to hold things more securely... They do a great job... I will send you a person message in the conversations --- check it

  • And I have the F4 +5 tinted with the sharp radius that few like and luv this windshield and want another for backup.
    Just luv the look of this windshield on SS.


    I think that the first picture of your build that I have seen "finished" (well maybe finished--do we ever finish) GREAT looking machine....


  • I am sorry to say it is totally cut up and in redesign of last body I will make for this Slingshot.

    At 67 yrs old getting tired and my knees are shot...yikes getting old has good points not going to

    work but then you want to work for yourself now you can not..LOL

    Few preview pictures.. But even the nose picture has been redone and larger radius than shown..

    as soon as we get 60's temp here in NJ will go out and work on it..

    I sold my Vanderhall Venice for purchasing a Vanderhall Carmel ...

    But the sling 4yrs old still remains in garage...

  • Are you going to be in Maggie Valley this year?

  • I have my doubts. I will make it this year..

    I have at least 3 months of design and working fiberglas to getting it done.

    You may see me the following year.

    I have a cousin that lives near Maggie Valley and will try and time rally up with visit with cousin.

    Any more going to rallies I am not that happy .Been there twice and first year was special and second year really did not

    feel like being there and that happened to wife and I at Deadwood 3 Wheel rally like the first and the second one

    we went to we went off by ourselves .

    I guess getting order I do not like directions or control of what you should or shouldn't do...

    But I will post pictures of my progress.. I will tell you that I am sorry I tore front off and would have just

    rounded rear up .. But I got a saw out one day and friend was here and said shorten this cut this off and

    it was to late to glue it back together..Keep you posted.

    But it will not have a front spoiler any more.. And the dual exhaust will be a single exhaust trying

    to clean up the back end little more..

    Then will decide later in summer if rear wing stays or goes ..

    The other thing that I forget is that I have tinnitus ( ringing in ears really bad ) and I can not be around

    those high powered sound system SS at all.

    I just remembered last M V rally I was out at street and a white SS was back by vendors and I

    could not enter because it was so loud...That is what really is keeping me from these events.

  • I do under stand to 'controlled' events. What I have found is that I get together with 4 or 5 Slingshots and ride when and where we want. Any more than 5 or 6 is just to much to enjoy. my 2016 is still pretty much 'modless' -- after market windshield and fender. But do have the miles total 74,000

  • harleyujoe , that front end is looking really nice!

    Can't wait to see finished product.

    If I had the know how or money, I'd redo my front end to look like a Plymouth prowler... Then get the quad kit, an ls3, and do something about the rear end body...

    Maybe I should just get a Prowler... 🤔 😂