Looking for the stereo gurus in the group

  • I’m not very schooled on this stuff, bout like a deer in headlights. I do not want to give up any storage space. Below is what I put together, hoping some stereo gurus can chime in and guide.

    Sony XAV-XAV 100

    SSV Works 2nd Generation Front Speaker Pods
    UnderGround Auto Styling Front Fender Speaker Pods
    UnderGround Under Glove Box Sub Enclosure (will one sub work or do I need 2)

    Memphis Audio MXA60L - 6.5" Coaxial w/ LED(2 pair) for Front Fender Pods & (1 pair) for Front SSV pods
    JL Audio 6.5" 6W3v3 Subwoofer

    JL Audio 500 W / 4-Channel Class D Full Range Amp (MX500/4) OR Rockford Fosgate 400 Watt Full-Range Class-D 4-Chanel (M400 4D)
    Will the JL Audio or Fosgate amp work with everything?If not what do I need?

    Scosche Aftermarket Stereo Power Harness with OEM Backup Camera Integration
    Scosche Double Din Stereo Dash Kit with Sun Visor


  • Sorry guys I have been beyond busy!!! We will be in Maggie Valley doing sales and Installations. We will start booking for installations spots for Las Vegas, Texas, Maggie Valley, and Arkansas very soon. We will post a notification on our facebook page and all the pages we are a part of including the forums. I would be glad to help anyone out that is interested in a new system. SlingTunes has a ton of new products to offer! Feel free to contact me directly at 785-248-6062

  • run a 4 channel amp for the speakers. here the speakers before you buy. it makes a different in the speakers you buy. run the speakers on there on channels that makes a big difference for sound.

    if you are going to run the jl w6 subwoofer . that thing is a beast and it needs space so one of your back boxes are going plus you are going to need alot of insulation to sound proof that box. been there done that not need. look at the 10 inch jl tw3 slim you cant go wrong.

    i am not into spending 300 to 600 on pods for the front. look at making something your self. and spend that money on some really good speakers like the focals, hertz, morels. all you need up front is 6.5 pair thats it.

    one last thing if you want the highs i recommend the compression tweets by herts at 199. or just put in compression 3 inchers from jbl which will knock you out at how good they sound.

  • If I am tracking, advise the 5 channel amp vice the 4 you mention. I have the jl audio 700/5 AND LOVE it. The 5th channel runs the amp, 2 channel for the fender speakers, and 2 channels for the inside pods

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  • @ThomaSS question about your front pods and speakers, looks like the front pods have a depth of 2 3/16in (according to slingmods) and most speakers im looking at are listed as 2 1/2in or deeper. Looks like the Memphis you used are 2 1/2 deep as well (according to Crutchfield), did you have any issues with the depth of those speakers? I really want front and rear pods but want to make sure I can put the same speakers in both. Thanks