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  • We took 1 trip that was 2850 miles. We left NC, up through VA, into WV, into OH to IN for the Savannah Strong ride then back through OH into MI to do the Woodward Dream Cruise, back into OH to PA stopped at Lake Erie, on to DE, MD, back through VA into NC.

    HAPPY WIFE....HAPPY LIFE!!:00000156:

  • "March 6th of 2018. but we have almost 13000 miles on it"

    that is crazy. I bought mine 1 October of 2017, due to various reasons, mods and weather and all of the other variants, I only have about 3K on mine lol.

    Need to hook you up with FunCycle He love to teach new Slingshot owners how to put miles on the Slingshot... He did a good job teaching me --- I'm a little behind with only 73,000+ since Feb 2015 hope to catch up this year.