Catastrophic brake failure cause/cure.

  • I don't understand the catastrophic brake failure thing. Did I miss a major issue?

    ETA: Are talking about the light on the dash? BAHAHAHAHA. The only thing catastrophic about that light is that if you're OCD like I am or worse, it drives you batshit crazy to drive around with a lit warning on your dash. Otherwise, fuck 'em. Smoke 'em if you got 'em. Carry on.

    And I guess you like never using cruise control...

  • If I had the answer to those questions I could figure out if I'm on the right track with my assumption.... After all I wouldn't want to look stupid... And as far as helping everyone out...if I'm right we can all save a lot of time and money.

    My sensors have been on back order for way over a month now...

    The tail rotor thing isn't a joke...I didn't start this thread as a joke.....they have similar systems and similar problems...there could be a simple answer.

    The dealers aren't going to replace the sensors forever... The point is we might not have to...

  • Thank You @Goats_Hogs there was a person on TDS that was the same way. I learned my lesson over there. He will not do that @Shatneyman

  • @Bigdog, where is your sling? post some pics. What mods you have done. Even if you have no mods, post pics. I'm calling you out as well, you're a troll. Prove us wrong.

    I just posted pictures of my sun visor the other day...mounted on my you seriously think I'd be wasting my time trolling an SS site if I didn't own one.... I have much better things to do

  • So what if ya just handle this like a barking dog.

    When my dog barks to get attention I just ignore him
    Don't talk to him / don't look at him just pretend he isn't there
    and soon he just isn't there he moves on

    Just sayin
    May be something to consider.

    Feed afire and it grows

  • suicide attack

    Ok you either have a slingshot, found pics of one, or know someone with a ss. I'm sure that's not current as it's dark in every part of the US unless you are in a different country. Long story short what is your problem and why could the ss be like a helicopter? I'm in the airline industry and this seems like a win win situation for me. Since no one has the answers to all of your 30 questions let's move on with the solution to the "catastrophic brake failure" solution.

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  • What's so hard about this our braking system is hydraulic you tell me where a helicopter might have a hydraulic system

    I've seen planes and cars catch fire. Does this also mean we should abandon out toys cause they also take gas and could catch fire? My Ducati as well as my bicycle also have hydraulic brakes should I sell them and walk?

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  • so you're telling me nobody can answer those questions I haven't taken mine apart yet I thought that maybe someone that might want to see if we can figure out a final simple cheap solution to the problem might want to help out

  • the helicopter hydraulic system has an inherent problem very similar to our brake sensor problem and since they are both hydraulic. Which means they are both similar the problem and the fix might be the same. Now if I don't know the answers to the questions which are very pertinate to the solution I can't tell if I'm on the right track. If I have to take the time and spend the money to answer those questions which I know Damn well someone here knows the answers Why are you trying to make this so difficult. I'm determined to figure out the answer to this problem