Slingshot Houston - Meet up Event and Ride Thead

  • Our next Slingshot Houston event is coming Aug 12th 2017 -7:00pm - Meet location West Houston and then we will invade (LaCenterra at Cinco Ranch) and Ride with an After party to be announced soon.

    Everyone welcome no matter where you are from. Let's come together and Sling! If you have not Liked and Followed our public facebook page you can see all the updates about events that are continuously being planned put together.

    Here is the Public Facebook event link: (You do not have to be on Facebook to see the event.
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    Our last official event had over 60 Slingshots! Check out our meet up krew just before roll out on the ride!

    #SlingshotHouston #TexanSlingin

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  • My name is Mark and I am up for connecting with other Slingshot owners in the Houston area . I have a 2016 Turbo Silver color Slingshot SL with a supercharger. Lots of mods and more on the way!!
    This seems to be the perfect spot for all us Slingshot Houston folks to gather. Slingshot Houston was organized in Feb 2016 and now has grown to hundreds of Slingshoters. We organize local meets and rides and just
    share experiences and joy of Slingshot life with each other.

    You can find us on Facebook group for local within 350 miles of Houston, TX

    Our Public Facebook page:

    Our Youtube channel:

    Our Instagram:

    Our official Hashtags are #SlingshotHouston and #TexanSlingin

    Slingshot LIFE!!! #SlingshotHouston Find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube

  • Event Update for this SATURDAY Aug 12th 2017. Meeting at 7:00PM at Brewski’s at 20940 Katy Frwy, Katy TX, 77449

    Here is the Facebook Link. : EVENT INFO

    Come out for a fun evening with the Slingshot Houston family! Initial meetup spot will be at Brewski’s at 20940 Katy Frwy, Katy TX, 77449 (In the back of the shopping center) between 6 and 7 pm. We will ride out from here promptly at 8pm. There are several restaurants in this area, so if you would like to eat here, please arrive early so we can leave on time. (There will be additional food options at the party at 9:30 pm) Meetup, hang out, and ride out at 8pm.

    From here we will ride West (right) on the I-10 feeder to the 99 feeder and head South (left), to Cinco Ranch Blvd, where we’ll swarm in and invade the LaCenterra shopping area, which is always bustling with activity. Drones will capture our group as we take over this area for a brief moment. This isn’t an “official stop”, but we may pause for a moment here to group up closely and get some pictures. (If the locals don’t get to angry!) Let’s try our best to stay as close together as a group, to get the best photos / videos possible!

    We will circle around and exit the LaCenterra shopping area on the West side of the parking lot, and head south (left) on Commercial Center Blvd. Then we will make a right on Westhiemer Parkway up to Katy Mills Pkwy (turn right), which will take us into the massive Katy Mills Mall parking lot. Here we will gather for a large group photo opportunity, with all of our Slingshots parked in a semi-circle, and our group standing in the middle. This should make for an amazing shot! It's all about the people in our sling fam and our passion for our slings that brought us all together! Let's show the world what Slingshot Houston is about.

    Next stop is only one block away from Katy Mills at Mobile Innovations, for our Slingshot Party, hosted by one of our great new sponsors! We will have music, food trucks, and refreshments here as we party and hangout for a couple of hours and enjoy the highlight of the evening. Be sure to talk to Mobile Innovations about your next plans for your Slingshot audio or lights, and grab some Sling Life gear!

    For the soldiers who are up for a late night ride and still have that itch go slingin, some of us will take a nice midnight cruise down Westhiemer, all the way from Katy to the Galleria Area, possibly downtown if we are up for it.

    We have a few additional event sponsors to be announced next week! Stay tuned for those updates!

    This should be a great time, with Sling Life video being recorded all night, hope to see you all out there!
    Sling Safely! #SlingshotHouston #SlingLife #TexanSlingin

    Update July 27th 2017:

    We are happy to announce the event sponsors. If it was not for them we would not be able to do these awesome Slingshot Houston Events!

    We will start our ride with meeting at 7:00pm (Everyone encouraged to arrive earlier) Brewskis Katy located at 20940 Katy Frwy, Katy, TX 77449

    We would especially like to thank Mobile Innovations TX as sponsoring the Ride after-party destination located at 25201 Market Place Dr Katy, Texas, TX 77494.

    Thank you to Sling Life, Rev Dynamics Custom Paint, Mobile Innovations TX and Juan Gonzalez - State Farm Insurance Agent who all pitched in and sponsored our event. These are great companies who do much for the Slingshot Houston community. Please take a moment to "LIKE" our sponsor pages.

    Huge shout out to Mark Maillet and Storm Mansell who put in countless hours planning and organizing this event.

    Original Event Announcment
    Set your calendar for our next event! More details to be announced early next week!! We are starting off with a meet up on West side of Houston and then a ride with a huge scheduled stop that is going to be a big afterparty!! More details comig!

    Tag and invite everyone you know in the Slingshot community! We usually have people join us with there Slingshots from all over Texas and Lousiana! Everyone is welcome if you can ride here you are part of the Family! #SlingshotHouston #Slinglife #TexanSlingin

  • Soldiers! This is your Squad Leader speaking, listen up! Invading and taking over LaCenterra will not be an easy battle, but we will win this battle with loud music, bright lights, loud exhausts, and smiles and waves to the children!! To be effective, WE MUST STAY TOGETHER! When we start pulling into the LaCenterra area, there will be other cars trying to back out, trying to turn in-between our "Swarm of Slings" but we must try to fight them off if possible! We can double-up as we make our way around the loop (see the zoomed-in part of the map), and we may also have to run a slow rolling stop sign or two to keep us all together. It will be an amazing sight for the families and the drones if we can avoid other cars getting all up in our mix! One of our scouts has already talked to security and he does not foresee an issue, as long as we don't congest things for too long. (Thanks James Michael Economy) Prepare your chariots! Prepare your audio systems, your lights, and your mods! Saturday we invade! WHOS WITH ME!?!?!

    Beware of Sling Ninja...

  • Just announced!!! The next Houston Slingshot event presented by Slingshot Houston and Sling Life.

    Here is the Facebook Event Link. Click here and Set your self as going if you can make it. Slingshot Houston Poker Run Facebook Event Details.

    POKER RUN! Save the Date! October 14th 2017 meet 10am.

    We are excited to announce after many months of planning and we are doing a Houston to Lake Charles POKER RUN! This will be our first annual Poker Run event!

    No Skill Involved, No Poker Experience needed, No Bluffing, Everyone has a fair and equal chance to win. More information on the entry fee and the poker run event stops. We have lots of special special event notifications coming soon.

    This is a one-day/overnight Slingshot Poker Run Rally featuring five stops with drivers collecting 1 Poker Card at each stop. Top four and worst hands will be awarded with a cash prize! That's right... CASH MONEY!

    #SlingshotHouston #SlingLife #TexanSlingin #SlingHard

  • Another great Houston Slingshot event announced!!!

    Here is the Facebook Event Link. Click here and Set your self as going if you can make it.

    Here is the Facebook Event Link. Click here and Set your self as going if you can make it.
    Slingshot Houston Lone Star Rally Meet and Ride

    Save the Date November 4th 2017 - for the Lone Star Rally ride meeting at Mancuso Gulf Freeway and will ride down to Galveston, TX for the biggest motorcycle rally of the year! If you have never been you will have a blast. Lets get a huge group of Slingshots and ride down for an epic Slingshot Houston night!

    More information will be announce soon!!

  • Imma comin but don't Facebook / think there may be quite a few like me

    I might not be right but I can sure sound like it

  • Imma comin but don't Facebook / think there may be quite a few like me

    Yeppers!! Good thing I posted here so everyone knows. :) Link for facebook still offers updates and info to everyone even if you do not have facebook. It is a public post. :)

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  • Slingshot Houston Poker Run 1.0 Update!

    Hotel Information: L'Auberge Lake Charles - 777 Avenue L'Auberge, Lake Charles, LA 70601 - 337.395.7777

    We currently have a Courtesy Block of Rooms at a special rate of only $219.00 for Saturday October 14th. The normal rate for booking a room on Saturday is $369 when you try to book for the weekend before. This Date at the hotel will sell out so it is important we all reserve our rooms by September 2nd 2017.

    We need to lock in a minimum of 20 rooms to get this rate. We can add more as needed to get this rate as long as the hotel has availability. At this time they have given me till September 2nd to lock in all the rooms. At time or sooner we can call to reserve our room under the room block. We cannot reserve rooms till we have the block confirmed. Your credit card will not be charged till we check into our hotels the night of the event.

    All the hotel needs is Your Name, Credit Card Info and The Block code which I will have once we confirmed we hit the minimum 20 rooms.

    I am assuming we should have at least 50 rooms as we typically have 60-70 Slings in the last few events.

    Please comment below so we can get a tally of exactly how many are confirmed. Once we have 20 or more we will sign the contract and at that point we will be locked in at this rate.

    Slingshot LIFE!!! #SlingshotHouston Find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube