Weird hours I keep

  • Well I can't complain that much haven't been able to do much with the SS cause I'm still recovering from my finger incident. First thing I'm doing is Rabs headlight Mod but here are some pics from work not a bad gig for a retired USAF vagrant wanabe.

  • In college I dispatched for our police department from 11pm-7am. I can say it was 96% boring and 4% insane. The only part I absolutely hated was when someone called in with a small child not breathing or something similar. I could handle screaming adults in car wrecks and adults that we're having chest pains. But as soon as I heard a person say something about a small child or baby with something terrible happening your world stops around you and you go into a "get shit done super fast mode".

    Fun stuff is when they bust a guy for stealing the Shriners go cart and he is driving around town drunk in it. Pretty much a innocent crime where he is the only one that could get hurt.

  • I could probably show a picture of some of the OLD wooden storm windows I
    painted this week----not really to cool to look at but it does give me $$$.$$ for gas for the Slingshot. As a residential painting contractor I do some neat homes
    just not for a motorcycle forum.

  • Anything in life worth doing is worth overdoing.
    Moderation is for cowards.

  • Georgia and I have volunteered with the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and
    the Ride for Kids for 12 years. Some heart breaking stories of what these young
    Kids and Families go thru. Because the Families and Kids come out to the Ride
    we get to meet and get to know them particularly in are small community with lots of Kids with problems... Want to see a big burly Biker cry, come to a Ride for Kids event.