• WOLF - I will give you this - I wish that the Rep’s had had a more polished candidate with the EXACT same policies as Trump. I don’t know - maybe it took a Trump to turn Washington upside down to get away from “more of the same”. I do know this - with Hillary as the other choice we would certainly be up shit creek further than ever before.....

    You and me both Bill, except instead of "exact same" I would say, "some of the same";). If Mueller found any IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES on Trump and the Dems (I would be sad if they had to do it without Republican support) impeach him. I will be perfectly fine with Republican Mike Pence holding the reins, so I have another shot at electing Republican John Kasich.:thumbsup:

    I don't fault anyone for ultimately voting for Trump. Being that there are two major parties, most people pick one.

    I find fault in those that say, "it was Trump or Hillary and I would never vote for Hillary", if they voted for Trump in the Primaries.

    I don't fault people for supporting Trump, he has done some good things. Every President does, even Obama for those that found fault in everything he did yet find no fault in Trump:rolleyes:.

    I find fault in those that refuse to say one bad thing about Trump and I find even more fault in those that defend his most horrible behavior, words and actions.

    I find fault in those that call every negative news story about Trump, "fake news". Negative and fake are not the same.

    Most Republicans aren't Trumpies(by my definition) or Fox Parrots.

    Most Trumpies and Fox Parrots are Republican.

    Trumpies are always Fox Parrots

    Fox Parrots are always Trumpies.

    Fox Parrots are the Republican equivalent to Democrat sheep. They blindly follow, cheer and support all things "their team" does. They also vilify every single thing the "opposing team" says, does and thinks. They believe they are free thinkers and never notice they repeat verbatim everything their favorite pundit said that day.

    The scariest thing is, President Trump is both a Trumpie and a Fox Parrot.