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  • Clinton? this is the only Clinton I pay any attention to - - - who are these other Clintons you speak of?

    Cage Free - 2016 Pearl Red SL
    JRI GT coil overs, DDM short shifter
    Twist Dynamics Sway Bar & DDM mounts

    MeanSling Sport Top & OEM Dual Windshield + Misc Goodies

  • Has anyone noticed, when Trump misspeaks he is a racist and a white supreamist and when Biden misspeaks he is having “a senior moment”. This is according to That idiot on HBO.

    KZ - Another Year - another Trip around the Sun

  • The only 2 pieces of mail I received today - - you don't think there is a connection do you?


    Cage Free - 2016 Pearl Red SL
    JRI GT coil overs, DDM short shifter
    Twist Dynamics Sway Bar & DDM mounts

    MeanSling Sport Top & OEM Dual Windshield + Misc Goodies

  • The folks that live in Epstein’s world is a completely different world than what we do. When you have the kinda money these guys do nothing is out of your reach, rules and laws seldom apply and they can be twice as lethal as any gangbanger. Politicians are bad but that world is even scarier!!!

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  • In the last 24 hours Uncle Joe said ....

    We believe in facts, not truth .....

    Poor kids are just as bright and talented as white kids ....

    And now he said the Parkland kids visited him after the shooting ... in the White House.... when he was Vice President .....

    Does no one around him care to preserve his career and let him go out with some dignity ....

    Or are they so hellbent and shortsighted that they will let him make a fool of himself .....

    I fear it's just going to worse as the stresses of the campaign mount

    .. confused-squared


    :REDSS: The ghost of SLingshot past ......

  • He has always been a foot in mouth gaffe machine.


    That is Joe, and probably the best reason he should stay home, but then again...Trump. "Anyone can win" is now the world belief, ask the 47(wait for it;)) Democrat presidential candidates.

  • WTF? How far LEFT can these Democrats go before they realize what they're trying to do to our country?

    QUOTE: At least four Democratic presidential candidates called on Walmart on Friday to stop selling guns after the mass shooting at one of the company's stores in EL Paso last weekend.

    “The weapons they sell are killing their own customers and employees,” Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts wrote on Twitter on Friday morning. “No profit is worth those lives. Do the right thing — stop selling guns.” END QUOTE

    Later in the morning, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont went one step further calling for McDonald's to stop selling Big Macs and Coca-Cola due to the increasingly obese rate in children in America.

    Not to be left behind, Joe Biden later chimed in with his proposal of banning the sale of both Black and White Russians at any bar room saying he's not a racist, but we should NOT be supporting Russia after they hacked into our election system in 2016

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  • You have to follow the money....they are getting millions of dollars to push their agenda.....if you don’t believe that you’re an idiot...

    Money runs the world....nothing else......sex would be a close second....

  • They are keeping the focus off themselves while they throw joe under the bus.... smoke and mirrors...