• Not all fans are upset about the kneeling, as some understand that the kneeling was done out "of respect".

    Kneeling was never meant as a "political protest" but a "civil protest". There have been many who have walked out on their jobs for civil protests, or for unfair working conditions. The problem goes back to how this has been skewed by every news agency that has a camera and anchor person. From that broadcast to every home triggers either a negative or positive response from the home viewers. Those at the game really didn't care what was going on as they were busy shoving hot dogs down their mouths during the National Anthem. It's all perception.

    Whether the POTUS felt slighted that he only had 10 players willing to visit him...well, it was his right to rescind his offer. He neither extended the offer to the champions of the WNBA either but the news wasn't playing that 24/7. Again this year there will not be an NBA team heading to the oval office for photo ops or on the WH lawn.

  • Another thing no ones discussed , with all of the what’s Right & Wrong now a days.... Anyone see Chris rocks new ‘18 comedy release on Netflix? Here’s where I have a huge issue... everyone talks racism, labeling, profiling, but yet in his act everything in the “N” word & a theater full of blacks laughs! Why are things ok in certain situations, but then a second later an issue?? I’m so confused why it’s ok then the next disgusting!? If any white guy made a joke it would be headlines, but yet accepting in a certain situation? It’s tight or wrong across the board! This is where society is ass backwards! What’s good for 1 is good for All.... we ended up shutting off because we were like WTF! Plus he wasn’t real funny...

    Is this something people could protest... hell ya!!


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  • smh...stuck on race I see. I'll tackle this one. Use of the "N" word isn't okay in any audience or setting. No one uses it in my presence, black, white, green, yellow, blue..get the idea! I don't support anyone that uses the word, including Chris Rock. So, I know his history of using profanity and that word--and I won't watch his comedy because it's offensive but you were watching it. What does that tell you? Now you're here posing a question about what you think is a double standard against those who may not be the same color as him.

    I can't tell Chris Rock how to make his money or how to have a moral, ethical compass about the damage or harm he causes..he has to come to terms with that but I can decide not to support him until he figures it out.

    NOW, with the RICH history of that word in the US, why would you be upset that you can't use that word? Concerned that it's backwards? What kind of flawed argument is that?

    OKAY @Bill Martin Let's talk about flawed arguments and lay the ground rules.!!

  • It really has nothing to do with President Trump, it is the American public that is sick and tired of this BS and the lack of respect for the USA and what it stands for. I am not a stick and ball person so I never watch it anyway. I only watch things that have an engine and to see how fast it can go. But just look at what some of this stuff has done to NASCAR for not keeping their mouth shut, in my personal opinion I think even NASCAR is done for, all they had to do was just keep on racing. Now their business model is shot all to hell and the spectators are leaving them. I no longer watch and I have been watching for around 65 years.

  • What happened to this website. I could always count on it to get great ideas from people who enjoy togetherness. Leave the bullshit political crap in the garbage where it belongs.

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  • I won't watch his comedy because it's offensive but you were watching it. What does that tell you? Now you're here posing a question about what you think is a double standard against those who may not be the same color as him.

    Don’t you dare pull your shit & label my family cause we put on a Black comedian & was hoping for a laugh. What’s your purpose? Battle everything & everything? I’m guessing your Black- good for you! Easy to read through the lines. Your obviously the best & gunna battle everyone. Probably do this all day long, all day. We get it who’s the Man :thumbup:

    Your obviously blind to the previous posts, no one what’s to hear it, but yet again you try to call me out without saying Bones!

    It’s obvious your meaning, battle Everyone!

    For a guy who preaches he’s King Kong & smart you call people out on conversations that should be intelligent! Nothing wrong with my post, turn on the news lately it’s all a double standard & profiling cry so back to topic is it ok when it’s a laugh? No, it’s RIGHT OR WRONG ACROSS THE BOARD

    If anyone can’t be a big boy move on...

    @Bill Martin you can battle the never ending battle with Confucius!

    And FYI, I’m hanging with my Black Otis buddy having a laugh shooting the shit. :rolleyes: yeah imagine that! Me the guy you cry racist

    I Have No more toys, just memories.... :/

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  • @FunCycle You can say, "It really has nothing to do with President Trump". You may actually believe that. Could you then give me another reason, outside of The Eagles refusing to go see President Trump, for this topic coming up again at this moment? ^^

    I know we can talk & be civil.. honestly , Do you think things would be what they are today if Obama was Never President??

    I’m just curious cause I just had this conversation with about 15 maintenance guys & answer was pretty clear. ( white, blacks & Hispanic)

    I Have No more toys, just memories.... :/

  • Swing and miss again Pudding. Pudding you and your imaginary friends. Something wrong with being physically strong with intellect? Hey JJ Watt just graduated from Baylor with a degree in Psychology if I can recall correctly.

    Pudding I see you're going to stick with "your" for everything now lol

    Now you're claiming someone talked about your family! Where was that Pudding? You're making up things again for sympathy! Get over yourself. See, my posts are not edited and no one ever mentioned your family or race. You mentioned both :D

    So, Pudding--you say I'm one flavor--you just have to be vanilla...no way!

    Pudding, do you see this giant spoon? Yep, this one. "Stirring the pot".

  • Rule of thumb (at least for me) - if you EVER reduce your argument to a personal attack you have LOST the debate. You either do not have the facts to prove your point or lack the intelligence to articulate your point of view. Save a couple defunct members - respect has been a staple of this thread showing there is a high intelligence level on both sides of any point of view. Nobody loves a good debate more than myself but I believe in focusing on the issue - NOT the person for opposing your view. Think I lost a debate in the 70’s - been right ever since - just ask me :00008172:

    As a tribute to Tripod, I have to agree with you Bill. In fact years ago I too was an apprentice debater. Now in the twilight of my life, I have progressed up to become a MASTER debater :D

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  • That looks better than the heart charm I was going to send you to wear with the bone attached to it LOL

    Funny...now you mention gay. Weren't you the one whinging about personal attack and getting back on topic LOL True colors..true colors. What else do you have. The more you type.

    OKAY. Back on topic with POLITICS SUCK because baiting Pudding is too easy.

    Does anyone know if California has figured out how they managed to leave off "The Fonz" in exercising his right to vote, along with so many others? lol

  • @BONES I can see where Obama being President emboldened black Americans to stand up more to injustices they see around them.
    Trump being President has emboldened racists("nationalists")to come forward more than ever in recent history.
    In both instances, a group of people related to the President and thought, "Somebody in power finally has our back, let's make our thoughts and concerns known".

    Right or wrong, applicable or inapplicable, people will or will not relate to who is the President. If someone relates to the President they feel that since the President won the presidency that everything about him or her is ok with all or the majority of Americans. If anyone is wondering, it does NOT mean that. ;)

    It took some convincing to get my wife to believe that her friends weren't all of a sudden racists, womanizers. They are just straight ticket Republicans who in the end had to pick between a Republican and a Democrat, I told her. For most it is that simple. I also explained to her that our friends that voted for Trump in the Primaries did it as a joke. She was guilty of assuming if you vote for someone you agree with everything they say and do. If anyone is wondering, it does NOT mean that.

    @Zorasmiles I understand and agree with much that you say. I do think, regardless how things may sound to you, that you could maintain a civil manner. It may feel good at times to mess with people and call them names(stirring the pot). That method historically leads to further divides and a unwillingness to relate to one another. I'm guilty of pot stirring also, heck, if this thread was called, "Stirring the Political Pot" it would be just as accurate as it's current title. :D I just don't feel we need to call each other names.

    With that being said, libtards, crooked Hillary , Trump and any other insulting names are fine if not directed at individual forum members. :whistling:

  • @WOLF see a fair reply, I can agree with some & feel different about some, but fair. I think IMHO he setperated America hands down to where it is now ... and I can’t be convinced different. But that’s MO.... each there own

    Nice to talk with a Man and be Civil :thumbup:

    Eagles still Suck though :00008359:

    Can you proof read this please let me know if anything is spelt wrong? Would be appreciated.... :00008084:

    I Have No more toys, just memories.... :/